A Life Changing New Read Coming out in January

   By dhaubner  Dec 12, 2011


I was lucky enough to be able to preview a new book coming out titled, Real Moms Love to Eat, by Beth Aldrich. Beth is an expert health and nutrition columnist for Diet.com, SocialMoms.com and RealMomsLovetoEat.com. In this book she shares her wisdom, experience and knowledge about all whole foods and better health. It is all about enjoying foods that are good for you. Beth takes an honest educated approach to eating whole foods and enjoying every minute of it. One of the first assignments she gives the reader is to eat one ounce of dark chocolate a day. Who would argue with that?

This book is a great read for anyone interested in eating to strengthen your body and help reduce diet associated health risks. Beth goes into detail about the benefits of different herbs and all whole foods. She makes it easy to make changes that will naturally benefit your body and increase energy. The 21 days of recipes make implementing what you learn easy and fun.

The only negative I have about the book is I have to wait for the release of the hard copy. I have preordered a copy though so hopefully I will get it soon after the release at the first of Year. But what a great tool to help with New Year's resolutions! 

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k19pumpkin by k19pumpkin | salem, OR
Jan 10, 2012

That sounds super! I just had a new baby and am trying to change my eating habits before she gets old enough to influence!

katen21 by katen21 | Jacksonville, FL
Dec 13, 2011

This is awesome! After moving a city that is extremely healthy we started doing more research on "whole foods" and have really made an effort at making a change in our diet. It wasn't easy at first & at the very beginning there were some ingredients we didn't have on hand that we had to buy that upped our grocery bill a bit, but now that we are more in the habit it's so easy to eat whole, nutritious foods. I won't say every day is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but most days we do great. :) Can't wait to get this book & give it a good read!

zenfulwoman by zenfulwoman | West Babylon, NY
Dec 12, 2011

I look forward to hearing more about te event