A Gentle Dog Makes Friends With A Down Syndrome Child

   By didama  Oct 08, 2013

This video just melted our hearts!  In a 4-minute video posted by this little boy's mother, who notes that her son's condition means he usually avoids contact, a toddler from Buenos Aires named Hernan initially keeps his distance from a golden Lab named Himalaya. The dog then gently reaches out a paw and nuzzles Hernan's leg playfully before licking his left hand.  Watching Himalaya, gently pursue Hernan, will bring tears to your eyes.  We love the BIG hug that Hernan gives Himalaya at 3:15.

This video is sure to put a smile on your face!


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crisss by crisss | STATEN ISLAND, NY
Oct 12, 2013

I love it. Amazing video

modernmom by modernmom | mesquite, TX
Oct 11, 2013

I love how Himalaya does not give up on his new friend, Hernan. My heart is filled with joy now :D

jul516 by jul516 | PALATKA, FL
Oct 09, 2013

:) Every time I see this it brings a tear to my eye. Absolutely adorable!

Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Oct 09, 2013

okay.. I believe that this is just the darn cutest video I have ever seen in my life

sharon3377 by sharon3377 | MCKNIGHT, PA
Oct 09, 2013

it was so beautiful,i loved it.

kbaby05 by kbaby05 | canton, MI
Oct 09, 2013

so adorable