A Fitness Tracker You Can Wear Around Your Finger

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 05.18.18
A Fitness Tracker You Can Wear Around Your Finger

One of the newer fitness tracking bands on the market isn’t exactly what you’d expect. For one, it fits around your finger rather than your wrist and is actually pretty stylish if you’re more of a ring person. The Motiv Ring works a lot like many of the other health trackers, but is much smaller and easier to forget you are even wearing it. And recently, it has become a lot more accessible for Android and even Alexa users.

The Motiv Ring works with your smartphone to track your sleep, heart rate, calories burned and movements throughout the day. The ring has been touted as something users can forget they are even wearing and keep it on 24/7 - even in the shower as it is waterproof.

The ring is also unique from other fitness bands because it can keep a charge for 3 full days and then only takes about an hour to charge back up. Engadget reports that the Motiv Ring is now compatible with Android and even Alexa. Users can order a ring-sizing kit from Amazon and decide at home which finger to wear their tracker on. The ring has also recently become available for same day fitting and take-home at b8ta stores in the U.S. It costs $199 and comes in two colors - Rose Gold and Slate Gray.

What do you think of the Motiv Ring?

Do you wear a fitness tracker? Which is your favorite?

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  • 2carrie2 By 2carrie2

    Wow, I sure would love to try one out.

  • winnie11 By winnie11

    I love the idea it is on my w ish list!!

  • jvalbooks By jvalbooks

    This sounds great!

  • pam674 By pam674

    I would love to have this but think I will wait until the price comes down

  • cdmtx65 By cdmtx65

    I never owned a fitness tracker, small and a good battery ...yep i would try the Motiv Ring !

  • stephanmom By stephanmom

    If I had the money I would get one. It seems so much comfortable to wear then a fitbit

  • Lorijane0222 By Lorijane0222

    I have never owned a fitness tracker, but would love to try one and give. A review.

  • niferr By niferr

    That looks amazing! I need this! I wear a fitbit charge 2 and I used to use a fitbit charge HR. But this would be wonderful!

  • kimba1 By kimba1

    I would totally wear this! I have no fit tracker, but I am just beginning to get interested in one. I really want a Bellabeat leaf. My fingers change a lot depending on the temperature and if I'm drinking enough water. A ring wouldn't work for me as well as the Bellabeat leaf.

  • warrent23 By warrent23

    omg i love i have a fitbit blaze but truthfully am not a huge fan of wearing watches or anything around my wrist on the other hand i love rings this would be so perfect

  • JPAL7573 By JPAL7573

    WOW i really want this!!! i wear my fitbit charge 2 but it doesnt match everything and i love rings - the price is really great too

  • Gwen24 By Gwen24

    I wear a Charge 2. Love the functionality but hate the bulk The ring is perfect...except for the $199...I'm gonna wait this one out. There is sure to be a Motiv A.

  • chula80 By chula80

    I think it's cool and convenient. I wear my ionic fitbit all the time

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