A Few New Flicks To See This Weekend

   By drodriguez  Jul 07, 2011

Project Nim The famous chimpanzee, Nim, who was the subject of a historical 1970’s experiment, is the focus of this documentary by the Oscar-winning team who brought us Man On Wire. Nim, who was raised in captivity by scientists, poses a lot of questions about nature and nurture in this captivating film. Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly writes, “Project Nim, a fascinating and in many ways tragic documentary, takes us back to one of the high-water marks of the apes-are-people-too era.”

The Ledge Director Matthew Chapman, brings us this edge-of-your-seat thriller with a controversial plot. Two men battle for the love of one woman, played by Liv Tyler. One of the men happens to be a fundamentalist Christian while the other is an atheist. Chapman recently spoke to Sundance Now about the film and the reaction many women have had to Tyler’s submissive character of an abused wife. Chapman says, “Far more frequently women have come up to me to say they’ve been married to men like Joe (Patrick Wilson) and related very strongly to the atmosphere of oppression that pervades his home. They too became submissive to religiously fortified domestic menace or outright violence.”

Horrible Bosses This one is sure to have lots of laughs with a cast full of comedic actors like Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, and Charlie Day. The plot follows three frustrated friends who have one thing in common; they’re all fed up with their terrible employers. So fed up, in fact, that they (ineptly) devise a way to kill them. There has been a lot of press about Aniston in this role and how it is a complete departure from her usual characters. Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon tells the NY Post why he thinks she was perfect for this movie, “Obviously I, like everyone, have watched her play all these roles over time, and I just think she’s one of the funniest living comedians of any kind, and rarely gets the opportunity to show her muscles outside of rom-com.”

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