A&E The Walking Dead

A&E The Walking Dead

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Worth the Watch I started watching this show in middle school, I am now 21 years old about to graduate college. The show was great in the first few seasons then slowly starts to lose its cinematic appeal. In my opinion it has been going on for a bit too long. However, they have still managed to keep this plot going for a long time. The beginning if the show was fantastic and I loved it but ended up losing interest.

A scary but fun watch for older audences. Zombie horror and human survival. In this show a group of survivors find out that in a post zombie out beak that sometimes the un infected humans can be just as dangerous and violent as the already infected. Gripping storyline and good acting make this a fun watch especially around halloween time.

Walking Dead is a great series to watch I love this show. There have been moments where there was a standstill in action but then it picks up again. If your into zombie end of the world apocalypse with a story line then watch this show. You really get into the characters. Love some, hate some and happy when they get bit lol

Binge Watch I love this show. No matter how many times I rewatch, I always notice another detail. There is a great storyline. Never a dull moment m

Zombie Freak! This is my all time favorite show. We not to long ago got rid of cable so it's hard to keep up with the show now but one of these days the newer episodes it will be on streaming so I can get caught up.

Boring The first few seasons were great! Then, it turned basically into a soap opera with people yammering on and on with cuts to other characters' reactions and having the same stupid look on their faces all the time. It hasn't quite improved much. There are moments, but that's all. Just moments. It's like they ran out of ideas, but keep beating the dead horse hoping something will happen.

Zombie flick lover Fantastic series i can't wait to see how it ends I've been a big fan since the pilot episode

Quite Possibly The Best Show on TV this is probably my favorite show on tv. i am usually into happy feel-good shows like ellen, or queer eye, but i adore this show so much and was hooked from day one.

A good series to Watch First few seasons were really good and thrilling. Later On the sequences became kind of repetitive like any other series. But still a good series to watch.

Walking Dead rocks This show is one of my favorites genius idea great for binge watching never bored watching this series

Best show! My husband and I are obsessed! We have never missed an episode! I'm a huge zombie fan in general but most zombie movies are so unrealistic. I love everything about this show!

LOVE! Walking Dead is an amazing show I've loved it from day one, if you like zombies go ahead and watch this show from the start!

Awesome! This show is a real nail bitter. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as well as makes you feel deeply for the characters. Lots of gore not for kids.

Walking Dead Watched every season and looking forward for more! Love this show, great story line and wonderful actors!

My younger brother and I are in love with everything about this show. Every character in Rick's group feel like family to us. Not only is the acting and story phenomenal, but, the makeup and special effects are just outstanding!