A&E TV Duck Dynasty

A&E TV Duck Dynasty

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Just okay The show is light and fun. It features a very sweet Christian family with great family values, which is hard to find on TV these days. I watched a few episodes each season but I was never a huge fan. The show felt a little too scripted at times for me.

Love This Show I love watching Duck Dynasty, and so did my grandmother. I believe she bought the seasons for her DVD player. I enjoyed their family and I loved Uncle Si and Phil, "Goodnight". As a Christian I really enjoyed that they shared their Christian values on the air to show people you can still do right by the Lord and love him, while enjoying what one does on this Earth.

Duck Dynasty I love how they are real down-to-earth people and they are so funny.

good great show down to earth people and not stupid made up drama for ratings

This show cracks me up! I love that they are real people acting like themselves.

Duck Dynasty This family is great. Their family values are amazing. You will get lots of good laughs out of this DVD! Don't knock it til you try it.

A family that prays together, stays together! I love Duck Dynasty! I also love that I can watch a show without worrying about cussing, bad content, and all. I am definitely a fan due to the fact that they have still kept God in show and still have the family prayers at the end. Way to go Duck Dynasty!

Great family show I show that I can trust to be okay for family viewing without worrying about the content. Love the antics of all the guys on the show

The First 2 Seasons Really really funny to watch, and an element of spirituality if you're into that. It is really fun to watch, but after a while, it gets a little repetitive. It starts to feel somewhat practiced and rehearsed instead of the captivating Robertson family we all fell in love with to begin with.

In reality tv I love it when people are not fake or try to be someone or something that they are not. This group of people are as real as they get. I love that they pray and talk about God. If the world had more shows like this maybe the world would be a better place.

Good family values and exposing the public to Christianity. I love this family! Even though most of the scenes are set up, they truly stay true to themselves and want to show the world you don't have to be drunk and obnoxious to make a tv show

We really loved Duck dynasty the first few season's. This year it seemed a little stale to us. Hope the coming season will be better.

this show sometimes doesnt make sence mostly cuz all these things normal people can do but this show is funny my hometown is where they shoot and live and love my hometown and this show too lol

Great family show for all ages, which is not an easy thing to do now a days. Entertaining and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the end of the show prayers!!! Something we all need.

I truly love Duck Dynasty.Its a show the whole family can watch.It show how they work as a family to get things done.Plus the funny little antics they do.Its about family coming together for work and play.I just the the prayer at the supper table.