A Country In Need of a Health Makeover

   By drodriguez  Feb 27, 2008

A recent report from the Associated Press proves what we have all been hearing lately; obesity is on the rise in the U.S. at an alarming rate. According to the article, obesity rates climbed higher in 31 states and there was not a single state that showed a decline.

The latest research put out by Trust For America’s Health reports Mississippi as having the highest number with 30% of its residents suffering from obesity. Alabama and West Virginia followed closely behind Mississippi’s high numbers. Colorado continues to be the state with the lowest numbers of about 17% obesity rate.

Other than making it difficult and uncomfortable to get around, excess body fat is also a major risk factor in developing heart disease and diabetes. The AP reports that after hearing the latest research from state rankings, health officials have declared obesity to be a public health crisis for the nation.

With fast food being offered at every stoplight across the U.S. and school lunches becoming less and less nutritious, it is no wonder that obesity levels are on the rise. The Center for Disease Control also reports that more than 20% of the U.S. population does not exercise at all in a typical month. This number was even higher in states with higher obesity rates.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly would be the best option for communities to see any kind of progress in lowering obesity rates. Over the last few years we have heard about many diets plans set up to help people who need to shed anywhere from a few to hundreds of pounds.

Purely by trial and error, people tend to figure out quickly what diets will work and are easy to stick by. Many people credit the popular low carbohydrate diet plans as the way to go. Replacing meals with shakes or a bowl of cereal is another option many have turned to. While others come up with their own plans involving more exercise and counting calories.

Many people achieve weight loss by going on cleansing regiments that can last anywhere from a week to a month. The idea of purifying the body of the harmful or toxic chemicals we ingest every day has been around for centuries.

One system, called the Isagenix Cleanse is gaining popularity. It combines a blend of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Suma tea, Fennel Seed, and all different types of minerals. The system is said to cleanse the body safely of all impurities with the added benefit of taking off pounds and inches within a matter of days. The Isagenix system also stresses the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly, to speak to a trained consultant click here.

With all the conflicting advice and diet plans on the market, finding the right plan can be tough. What has become increasingly clear over the years however is that it is important for everyone to make the decision to get more active about maintaining their health.

What do you think of the growing rate of obesity in the U.S.?
Have you tried any of the diet plans listed above and what has worked for you?

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jennicks by jennicks | Wichita, KS
May 02, 2008

I worked out at Curves and they offered a 6 week class to help people lose weight and get the exercise they need. We have people from 16 to 80. Curves was a great place to workout. The Curves I went to had monthly prize giveaways. That help keep the people coming in also.

MonikaP by MonikaP | Queen Creek, AZ
Apr 27, 2008

I believe in eating right and exercising 15- 30 minutes every day. I do not believe in any of those pills. To spend money on those is a waste of my budget. If you need proof just ask your pharmacist and if he is honest he will tell you that all of those "natural" pills are placebos. Which trnslated means fake. It is like eating a tsp of dirt every morning and believing that it will help. It is all in our heads. The secret to a healthy beautiful body is eating right and in moderation and exercising. If you do not want to do it for your self think of your children and their health. Lets all take away one hour of tv or video games time and spend it outside or play a game. Lets not order fast fatty food but fix something easy for our family. I have a box full of 30 minutes recipes. Just think of all the time you can spend together. Do not get me wrong I know that it is hard. I am a part time working mom of 3 kids under 6, I take my kids to work with me and my husband travels 3 weeks out of a month. I know life is busy. Do not get me wrong I am not supermom, but I know it is doable. So do not stuff yourself with pills. Change your lifestyle. Your body and health will thank you. Your hubby will love it and you will to.

alli1263 by alli1263 | Jonesboro, AR
Mar 29, 2008

I agree with Chilly. its not a "diet" it is a lifestyle change. I have lost 117 pounds in over a 2 year period. I exercise regularly and joined weight watchers. I didn't go out the first day and run a marathon, but I walked for 10-15 minutes and just built up to a 1 hour to one and half hour 5 mornings a week at the track and now I am running 2 miles and walking the rest of the time. I eat healthy foods in healthy portions. if I eat 'unhealthy" foods, ie:chocolate or chips, I eat a small portion. I do not deprive myself so that I wont overindulge. at weight watchers, there is nothing I cant have, but I must be accountable for it.

jswank by jswank | New Hope, PA
Mar 23, 2008

I have traveled to other countries and one thing I found interesting about their television programs was that there was little if not marketed food goods on their tv stations. I wonder if we eliminated all food commercials if we would see Americans' weight go down!

jos1921 by jos1921 | Tucson, AZ
Mar 22, 2008

Yes Chilly you are right. It is not the diet that works, it's only the lifestyle that counts. You have to have a goal and try to reach it. We are all humans and cheating is ok, but you have to go back on the healthy regimen as soon as you can. Yes I am careful with what I eat, but sometimes I allow myself to have a little something extra, otherwise life would be boring, but I count it in my daily calorie allowance or I am a little stricter the following day. I have about 4 years ago tried the low carb diet for about 6 months, and it worked very well for me. I lost the weight that I wanted. I combined it with regular exercise. When I reached my weight goal, I then went on a 'normal regular' diet and continued to exercise regularly, mostly walking and yoga plus a little weight training. I would be interested in the Isagenix Cleanse as it is all natural and cleaning the inside of your body is a good concept. Hopefully the cost of such a system is reasonnable!

Chilly by Chilly | Chillicothe, MO
Mar 17, 2008

I couldn't agree more with what bbcoop just said. It is a lifestyle change. In the last year I have lost over 70 lbs. I never once called it a diet. It was just a lifestyle change that I chose to make.

People ask me all the time how I did it like there was some type of magically solution. I always feel bad not being able to give them some magically remedy. You have to read everything...if the servings size tells you 1/4 cup at 150 calories that what it is.

Do I cheat... you bet but not like I used to now if one of my kids go to a fast food place I ask for a frie or an onion ring if my husband is eating something fattening I ask for the last bite that way it's gone and I can't ask for anymore. It is a simple lifestyle change for me and it gets easier everyday.

bbcoop by bbcoop | GREENFIELD, IN
Mar 17, 2008

Unfortuantly, we generally eat more and exercise less all the time and pass those habits on to our youth-look at our portion sizes, i remember when a kiddie cup was the size of a dixie cup, now its 16oz w/free refills!

Kids today are really victims of this problem. It would be awesome if kids were given a healthier structure they need to make the right choices before they are adults and have to fight a lifetime of bad choices, 2 out of 3 kids in the local h.s. are overweight affecting their future health!

The absolute most effective way for me to stay healthy is eat the right amount of calories determined by my bmr, and exercise regularly. Its not easy, it takes discipline, but its a lifestyle choice--it also fights fatigue and depression!

we also forget to count the calories in some of our choices too-sometimes we look at them as freebies-I had a bowl of soup, 3-4 slices bread, 18 crackers, milk and a muffin the other day and had already hit my caloric intake!

domesticgoddess_1 by domesticgoddess_1 | Antigo, WI
Mar 15, 2008

It is a proven fact that our country has a high rate of obesity. I personally think our way of living in the "fast lane" contributes to this. We are a nation of convenience and all the fast food we eat doesn't help our weight. I personally have tried all weight loss plans only to gain it all back once I go off the program. The ones that offer the "right" meals are too expensive for me and I am not a very good cook so I couldn't begin to know how to eat healthy. I was not raised that way and to tell you the truth, I am also guilty of living in the right now life style and grabbing a burger and shake is easier than making a nice healthy salad. But as far as this program goes, can anyone tell me more about it? Is it a lifestyle change that you must continue to use to have it keep the weight off? Or do you use it once a month, eat right, exercise or ?? I would appreciate any information you could give me. Also the cost. Thanks

kirstensapphire by kirstensapphire | Fremont, CA
Mar 06, 2008

It's only obvious that this country has an obesity epidemic. It all comes down to your lifestyle. "I mean", did humans ever have an obesity epidemic during the "Caveman" era? I have always believed in exercise, and eating as much "Natural Food" as possible. You can still indulge in icecream or cookies, "just once in a while"! If you eat your fruits and veggies and exercise everyday you will surely lose pounds and feel much better. For me it's all common sense, who needs a diet?

janch by janch | Nothrport, NY
Mar 04, 2008

Diets are scary.... I think many of things we eat are scary, processed and our Livers are unable to cleanse impurities from out body like it was intended. Isagenix is a nutritional supplement program that works with a healthy eating program and exercise. It gives you many nutrients that are missing in foods even organic foods today. They have leading experts in the fields of medicine and health care as part of their Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Wheeler, who once briefed Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan on issues such as nutrition. Becky Natrajan, M.D. is a gastrointestinal specialist. Dr. Harper has been in general medical practice and is devoted to the practice of complementary medicine. Also many leaders in the health field....I figure between the results I have personally seen and experienced myself and all this Expert knowledge behind them....they are on to something positive!

enizete by enizete | CANONSBURG, PA
Mar 03, 2008

Possibly, the reasonings for this obesity relates to the consumption of massive quantities of high fructose corn syrup and the limited capability of the human liver to be able to process that corn syrup,hence the remainder turns to fat? Maybe the missing key is the effects of Genetically Modified foods and the unestablished consequences of that having been within the food supply for over a decade. And, lack of proper diet and exercise?

cvarano by cvarano | BROOKLYN, NY
Mar 02, 2008

I think smiddlemore is right. These diets are scary! My husband is a nutritionist so I should know. This is so the way our society works. We eat and drink, consume tons of preservatives, don't exercise and then we feel the need to "purge" or "fix things" with these immediate unhealthy diets that are basically just starving ourselves. Our bodies like consistency and these diets are such a drastic change to our system it is EXTREMELY unhealthy, not to mention that it rarely works for long term weight loss. And of course these marketers are targeting women because we are the ones who are always told to "watch our figures". Lets start thinking more about health, in which you can count all of these diets out and just eat good organic food in moderation and exercise and think less about losing weight quickly in order to look good. What ever happened to feeling good?

loririce by loririce | Manorville, NY
Feb 29, 2008

Thank you for spreading the word about Isagenix! My doctor recommended it to me. I lost 40 pounds right away, which has stayed off. I actually lost 10 pounds in the first 9 days-- and it was easy. After a short time of cleansing my body I felt a huge difference in my energy level. I now have the metabolism of a 20 year old. I feel so great I have started my husband, mother and daughter on the program, too! We all love the whey protein shakes. The science behind this product is simply brilliant! There is nothing else like it on the market. I would recommend it to anyone.

janch by janch | Nothrport, NY
Feb 29, 2008

I was introduced to Isagenix by a friend. I tried the 9-day program felt great, had energy, mental clarity and slept really well and the great side benefit; safe, effective and fast permanent weight loss! I now use the products as part of my daily routine and in total lost 20 lbs which I have kept off. While "just eating right and exercise" is part of the solution it is not the final answer as much of our food today is nutritionally bankrupt due to the over farming of our soils, toxins in our fish/food supply (tainted beef, hormone injected chicken) . Cleansing systems for the liver have been around for centuries...the beauty of this one is you have all the ingredients in an easy to consume beverage. A regular cleansing program combined with the healthy, delicious perfectly balance protein shakes in addition to eating regular healthy meals and exercise?.is the real key to success!

lisahaber by lisahaber | Saint james, NY
Feb 29, 2008

I have been on Isagenix Nutritional program for approx 5 months and it is a wonderful, nutritious and very healthy program. It is not a diet, fast or colon cleanse, rather an amazing program of removing the toxins from our bodies while flooding it with optimal nutrition. I began the program with the goal of only losing a few pounds, which I lost in days and had the terrific results of going from a size six to a size two in just a matter of a few weeks. I am a fairly well educated person (an attorney) and believe wholeheartedly in the science and cutting edge technology of this nutritional program. I have also personally witnessed fantastic results in my friends, relatives and colleagues.