A Burger With a Side of Bling? Boston Restaurant Offers a $3,000 Valentine's Special

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 12, 2018

Nothing says romance like burgers and bling. At least that’s what one Boston restaurant is offering to adventurous diners Valentine’s week who want to get engaged. If $3,000 sounds like too much to spend on one hamburger - then you obviously haven’t looked inside the bun.

Boston.com reports about the North End restaurant called Pauli’s that is offering this Valentine’s special of a “Big Boy” burger and engagement ring for those seeking an unforgettable way to pop the question. The fast-casual Italian restaurant will put a 7/8 karat diamond Neil Lane engagement ring right inside the bun. But purchasers and question-poppers must place their orders 48 hours before the big night so that Pauli’s can assure your engagement sandwich is prepared with perfection.

A press release from the restaurant urges customers to order early as they are sure the deal will sell out soon. It reads, “Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like Boston’s best burger topped with a princess cut ring framed by round diamonds on a band of 14k gold. For $3,000.00, savor the flavor of Pauli’s Big Boy Burger, and simmer in sweet bliss, if they say yes.”

What do you think of this restaurant’s engagement special burger?

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Jwyatt2328 by Jwyatt2328 | PEARLAND, TX
Jul 09, 2018

If you are super into burgers then this would be cute! Or if burgers were your first date etc.