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  • quietwater By  quietwater    

    I can't stand the taste. It is nothing like milk.

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  • wendyk65 By  wendyk65    

    I tried it once and do not like soy milk. I tried the chocolate but could still tell that it was soy milk. I think that it has a smell that I do not like. My friends that like soy products say that they like it but I do not even like soybean curd.

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  • marip1 By  marip1    

    The 8th continent is my favorite. I think it's much better then Silk.

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  • foxy82 By  foxy82    

    I don't love Soy, and I don't buy it. Although when I did this is the only Soy Brand that I could tolerate. It is very smooth, and the closest to milk I could find. The flavor soy milk I would actually still buy if it was available.

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  • tiffanysblogs By  tiffanysblogs    

    I prefer 8th Continent to other soy brands because it seems to be a bit lower in calories and has a smoother taste. The light vanilla is my absolute favorite. We have it in the fridge right now!

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  • mbs615 By  mbs615    

    I love the Light Original. The best soymilk I've tried!

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  • wmr06001 By  wmr06001    

    Maybe it's just me but 8th continent makes my absolute least favorite soy milk. The plain is pretty average, but the light vanilla is horrid!

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  • socalbebe By  socalbebe    

    Creamy, delicious, I love this soymilk. Try it with Frosted Mini Wheats, yum!

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