5 #PhotoTips for Family Pictures You'll Actually Print! Plus, a $100 Shutterfly Gift Card Giveaway

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 11.02.16
5 #PhotoTips for Family Pictures You'll Actually Print! Plus, a $100 Shutterfly Gift Card Giveaway

Don't waste this year's holiday opportunity! When your family is together, take lots of photos, but make sure they are good ones - photos that you might want to actually print, instead of just hanging out on social media or in your cloud!

So how do you take gorgeous photos you'll want to look at again? Read on for 5 tips that will make you a family photo star. Plus, enter for the chance to win a $100 gift card to Shutterfly so you can frame those photos or make them into the perfect gift for Grandma.

Tip #1: Capture Candid Moments

Capture people in their natural state - while the kids are playing, the adults are cooking or everyone is making memories. Remember that your subjects don't need to be looking at the camera.

Tip #2: Look All Around Your Frame

Pay attention not just to the people you are shooting, but also, what else is in your camera lens. Look at all four corners and walls. Try to get a background that is simple and without clutter.

Tip #3: Be Sensitive to Lighting

Avoid spots that are too bright or too dark. Flourescent lighting is the worst. Outside is best, especially on a cloudy day.

Tip #4: Get in close. But not too close

This is especially true when using most camera phones, since the zoom is really just a way to crop photos. Fine details are harder to see. At the same time, a tight focus can make the subject blurry.

Tip #5: Have Fun

When your family is relaxed and enjoying themselves, you'll really see personality shine through.

For even more tips, watch SheSpeaks blogger Tabitha Blue of Fresh Mommy Blog show you how to prepare for a professional photo shoot:

What upcoming pictures will you be snapping? Tell us and you'll be entered for the chance to win a $100 gift card to Shutterfly.com.

There are two ways to enter:

Simply comment below and tell us what photos you're looking forward to taking this holiday season.


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  • dberry13 By dberry13

    Summer. I'm getting married and it's my birthday

  • UGAMomof2 By UGAMomof2

    I can't wait to take family pictures of four generations with my Grandmother, Mom, myself, and my daughter.

  • JRWanamaker By JRWanamaker

    I love taking candids and can't wait to capture those sweet timeless moments at Christmas with my family this year. Take a look at my photography by visiting: http://jrwphoto.weebly.com

  • bhanuu By bhanuu

    I want to take a picture with my grand mother, mother and daughter in same color attire in this holidays !! four generations ...

  • faiith By faiith

    I'm looking forward to the snow and hanging out with my family!

  • girlgonemom By girlgonemom

    Family photos, capturing posed and candid moments.

  • Gina120 By Gina120

    Capturing all the innocent faces of my son for his first Christmas!

  • StormyViolet By StormyViolet

    I am looking forward to taking photos of my family on Christmas. I also like to take pictures of the scenery outside on a snowy day.

  • jodylynn By jodylynn

    I would love to win one so I could be at peace taking the pics I do...when I'm zoning and I have my head into taking my pics all the worry and stress seems to dissapear for awhile....THANK YOU FOR THE CHANCE!!!

  • kimber032 By kimber032

    Thank you for this AWESOME giveaway! I'm always taking photos of everyone and everything, photography is my passion! I'll definitely be taking photos of my family, kids, and the beautiful changing nature around us!

  • dreamaker212003 By dreamaker212003

    Taking photos of my family decorating the tree, watching Christmas movies, and baking together as a family. These years won't last forever but the memories will.

  • Bonitaallen1960 By Bonitaallen1960

    We try to take as many as we can because it's what keeps our memories alive I'm taking all I can and hopefully they won't be looking lol

  • amygrubb By amygrubb

    I love taking pictures and I love Shutterfly!!! I have mad so many gifts there!!!

  • jlee7111 By jlee7111

    I am most looking forward to taking pics of my 3 and 5 year old sons on Christmas morning. The joy in their faces is just tremendous! I love seeing them so excited. I am also looking forward to taking pics of my family all together. Happy Holiday to everyone at SHESPEAKS.com!

  • ShyWho By ShyWho

    Taking pictures of my family, I do a scrapbook for my son so having pictures of as many family members as I can is important, we lost hubby's grandpa last month so having pictures of him with my son is really important.

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