5 Must-Have Favorites for Summertime Shoes

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5 Must-Have Favorites for Summertime Shoes

5 Favorite and Must-Have Summertime Shoes


"Summertime Mom Fashion"

Malise Terrell

Summer is here!  Hope you are ready for some awesome times and activities.  Whether you get outside or are at an indoor Wedding,
we have shoes to take you there. We’re talking take you there in style too!

1) Espadrilles.  These are a timeless Summer look.  There are many color combinations that make these shores work well.  The cotton canvas with stripes is a hot style.

2) Crocs.  Crocs just say Summertime!  Back in 2004, we were back to my husband’s home Boulder, Colorado and I noticed this strange phenomenon.  They were a over-sized looking garden shoe. Everywhere.  So being a Fashionista, I checked out the craze.  Even though my Fashion instincts thought no way.  Well, one thing about Fashionistas, we love comfort and convenience and reality!  So I quickly realized that Crocs are a great Summertime water shoe!  Immediately, I purchased a pair for the Tigers and Boulder Mountain Man.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  They all three adore Crocs.  They are comfortable, colorful and can be worn in water or any where.

3) Flip Flops.  Flip Flops are easy and they are Happy Shoes!  Flip Flops make me happy especially when I’ve had an up to date pedicure. :)

4) Open Toe Pump. The open toe pump seems to rule the Summer kick it up a notch look!  Thank bare tones and you are there.  Find a comfortable pair with a little heel. These need not be spiked stillouettes to get the look. A little goes a long way in Mom Fashion.

5) Converse.  Think great outdoors and chasing the children for hours of fun culminating in stopping the Ice Cream Truck!  Converse will take you there.  Be hip, be fun and stylish with all the many looks of Converse for Moms.  There are so many fun colors for Summer. Enjoy!

Seriously, this should get you well into the warm and active days of Summer in style.  What are your favorite Summertime shoes?  Have we left out a biggie?!   Have fun and take advantage of the long Summer days.

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  • jlcarrero By jlcarrero

    The open toe cork wedge is one of my fave summer shoes. Comfortable and fashionable.

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