5 Fun Family Night Ideas

   By lifewithoutpink  Aug 17, 2011

I remember as a little girl, Sundays were our family night.  After dinner and baths, my dad would make a big batch of popcorn and my family would sit in front of the fireplace watching a new movie each week.  It was some of my favorite memories as a child and I want that for my boys. I want them to grow up wanting to be with their family and look forward to spending time together.


I bet there are a lot of families that do not have a family night.  Every household is different but family should be high priority and it is a great way to bond and spend time with the people you love. Make it fun and each week have a different member of the family pick the activity.


Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Movie Night


Set a movie start time so that everyone knows when to be ready.  Make sure you have comfortable seating, snacks in hand and even darken the room for the full effect.  Each week have a different family member pick the movie so that its fair to everyone.  And to spice things up every once in awhile throw in a double feature {of course after the youngest has gone to bed}!


Chefs in the Kitchen


What a great way to get everyone involved in the kitchen and introduce the love of cooking to your children! A great start is to have a pizza making night where everyone can create their own personal pizza.




My husband is a big football fan and has season tickets to the games.  Of course on home games he goes to the stadium to tailgate but who says that tailgating only happens there? For away games, we plan on BBQing outside, throwing the football around and getting all dressed up in our sports gear. Then we will head back inside, get our snacks ready and watch the game together!


Game Night


What kid doesn’t love games?  Our days get so hectic that we don’t always get a chance to play them so by having a game night this is a great way to have some fun! Each week assign a family member to be in charge of game night; they pick the snack and game for the evening. Since we only have two children we will probably let them each pick a game for that evening. This way there is no fighting over what we play!


Family Memories


My oldest son loves to watch home movies of himself so I thought this would be a great way to incorporate this into our family night. We can watch home movies or look through family photo albums and talk about past events, family and friends. My husband’s father lives far away and doesn’t get to see the kids that often, so its a nice way to talk about him and have the boys see his photos as often as possible.


We would love to hear what are some of your family traditions or “family night” ideas?


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didama by didama | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Aug 18, 2011

Our family does movie & game nights with a big round of hide n seek. The kids love it...and so do Mom & Dad! Thx for the tip on Family Memories Night!

yayalola by yayalola | Jersey City, NJ
Aug 18, 2011

We do have those nights too but we didn't set an specific day for it. We usually watch movies on weekends , because nobody is rushing (well....we rush but not for school, etc) and we love watching movies together. The cooking together is usually during the week since the cooking on weekends is more relaxed than weekdays. I would love to set specific days for any of these activities. We do play games and we do watch family movies and pictures but I think that the idea of doing as specific "Activity" its even better!

CherylBudge by CherylBudge | MIDDLETOWN, CT
Aug 17, 2011

We do family movie nights and my kids LOVE them! They also love to help out in the kitchen. We are actually doing make your own pizzas tonight. We have some of the funniest memories from our game nights. Love your "tailgating" from home idea. Think we'll be doing that one this Fall!