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Well I have used several swings for my 9 baby's and I have also tried this one it is very well made,it looks very modern made but it really didn't work for me and my babies they didn't like it. I believe they the nesting should be more like more cuddle.

Wonderful Product I always thought that this was just another overpriced swing until I had a daughter that nothing made her happy. We went through a rock n play and multiple swings just to bite the bullet and buy this one. It relaxes her when she is angry and is quick to put her to sleep. It is the best investment for our baby and this is number 2!

Awesome Technology I decided to spend the extra money this time around to buy something other than the traditional bouncer. It was definitely worth it! My child loved this so much that this was the only thing she would fall asleep in. Only flaw is that after excessive use, it started making a slight creaking noise while gliding. Other than that, it was perfect.

Good swing for certain babies. I really liked the mamaRoo swing with my son. He on the other hand, didn't like it so much. I liked all the different features it offered and all the different movement variations. I don't like that the mobile was flimsy. Ours broke very early into use. I also don't like the little balls that are in the mobile, they started falling out and wouldn't stay in. We did end up returning it because my son never liked being in it.

We love our Mamaroo! We use it a lot less now that my daughter has become such a wiggle worm but even still she enjoys her time in it. My husband loves to hook up his phone and play his music on it. It has a lot of features and is one of my favorite baby items we have!

My son loved his mamaRoo. The speeds were just right, however, the motions were very similar. I only used 1 or 2. The sounds are generic, I never played any of them, but you can hook up your phone and play your own music.

My friend had a Mama Roo for her little girl and she said it was a LIFESAVER and I had to get one. Honestly, I think I was more excited to get a Mama Roo than any product for myself, ever. It was fantastic, the packaging was genius, the engineering was fantastic, the structure was solid and the features were endless. The only problem was, my baby was a preemie and it SWALLOWED him- I couldn't put an insert in because risk of SIDS. So needless to say, when it was time that he could finally fit in it, he was a wiggle worm and HATED it!! We used it maybe 2 times and one of the times wasn't even for our baby. Complete waste- I always hear GREAT things, except from the mom's with preemies. I wish they'd get some type of insert for babies under 5 lbs! It would of been very helpful.

Loved our mamaroo! Definitely helpful for the infant stage where they want to be held and rocked all of the time!!

This product has been a savior. I use it to put my baby to sleep. When I have to do some things in the house, I put him on it and he enjoys it. I love the music that it comes with and there are different setting of how you want to swing your baby. You can even play your own music on it.