4-Way Stop Sign! What do you do? #SheSpeaksTV

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 06, 2016

Road Rage? We all have it! Four-way stop signs get Jenni Chiu of #SheSpeaksTV all riled up. Learn (and laugh) all about her problem with this traffic law in the latest episode of Rant with Jenni Chiu.

Let us know in the comments below: What are your thoughts with 4-way stop signs? Do they get you riled up too?

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ladymay by ladymay | ATHENS, OH
Apr 09, 2016

No! No! to the roundabout have you ever used one they are the worst idea ever because if you think people don't understand the concept of a 4 way stop why would they understand the word yield! I live in OH we have several roundabouts at busy places, 2 roundabouts sometimes one right after the other they are a nightmare your always thinking is someone going to hit me in the side because they didn't yield. I go through one every day I've seen an accident at that one every day! I was rear ended because I yielded for traffic coming around I would have been hit by them If I hadn't. I think they are a money maker for the city all accidents incur fines I don't see any potholes being fixed though another rant for another day!

didama by didama | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Apr 08, 2016

I feel like this happens to me ALL the time! I didn't know that you are supposed to let the person on the right go first if you both get to the stop sign at the same time. Good to know!