3 Tips When Looking for Love

   By YolandaShoshana  Dec 29, 2011

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Even though it seems like your Prince Charming is never coming, you can not give up. You are so close to finding the love of your life.  Once you have tried everything to find love, try again. As you look for love, there are three things to keep in mind.

Go to new places. It’s Friday night, time to meet you friends at the bar and in the corner you see Tom, Dick, and Harry. You happen to know their names, because you see the same men, at the same bar every Friday. If you are meeting the girls at the bar to meet men why would you go to the same tired place already knowing what there is to choose from? Go to new places every week, this will increase your chances of meeting different people. Great spots where the men hang are steak houses and sports bars, now go get them.

Stop hanging out with a pack of girlfriends. If you constantly find yourself hanging out with only  a room full of women, how are you going to meet the love of your life ( unless of course women is your preferred sex). It is a known fact that men rarely approach a pack of women to get to the one he is interested in. Put yourself in his shoes for a minute: you see someone that you are attracted to who is sitting with about four other women, you walk over to say hi and introduce yourself, the woman clearly isn’t interested, and instead of being shot down by one woman the other four women at the table give you the “you are a loser” look.  Can you blame him for not taking the chance to come over to you? When you are at an event with friends, make sure you make yourself available for a man’s approach.

Change your thinking. If you are having a hard time finding someone and feel frustrated it is time to change your thinking. Stop complaining and playing violins, that will not get you anywhere. As I tell my clients, all it takes is one person to change your life forever. There are women who are always going on a date or with someone, you can’t tell them that they will not find love. That takes chutzpah and there is no reason that you can’t develop the same attitude. The one you seek is seeking you, timing is absolutely everything.

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Hullwatson by Hullwatson | Griffin, GA
Dec 30, 2011

Don't look for love.. It will find you!!! I can testify to this!!

jojonic by jojonic | Omaha, NE
Dec 29, 2011

Make sure you meet your man's Mother and watch them interact. A man who loves and respects his mother will love and respect you.