3 Course Spring Meal: Make a Seasonal Dish at Home

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 13, 2012

With the change of seasons and the warmer weather finally approaching for many of us, it’s a good time to start thinking about how you’re going to adjust your shopping and cooking to incorporate the new season of fruits and vegetables.  If you have window space or a small garden this is a great time to begin seeding and planting your own herbs, vegetables and fruits, depending on which region you live in.   

Of course many of us see the same produce in stores all year round because it can be harvested in the warm southern states or brought in from South America.  So what's the difference?  Well, the fruits and vegetables grown closer to home are likely to taste much better, they are picked when they are ripe or ready and shipped quickly to nearby stores.  The other benefit of buying and eating local seasonal produce is that it should cost you less per pound to enjoy. The movement for buying and eating local produce has grown alot in the past few years and now large stores such as Wholefoods and Wal-Mart are working towards purchasing locally.  This locavore trend has also produced some great restaurants that buy only from the farms nearby.  What do you think of the locavore trend? Do you buy produce that is grown in your region?

But of course the cheapest way to enjoy herbs, fruits and vegetables is to grow some yourself.  There are some simple low maintenance herbs to begin a herb garden such as, parsley, mint, thyme, rosemary and tarragon.  It's also a great time to start seeding and planting greens such as spinach, kale, lettuce, peas and shallots. To see a video with tips on how to plant and grow some of these great herbs and veggies right at home, click HERE.

Here is a great guide to what's in season and what to seed or plant in your region. 

To celebrate the change in the season, we’re sharing some ideas for a three-course meal that highlights some of the great items that will be coming into season this spring. What’s more, these recipes are ones that the whole family will enjoy! To be entered to win one of our giveaway prizes this week, simply submit a springtime recipe that you enjoy making!
Spinach and Artichoke Dip This appetizer is not just for football season, it uses to great spring season vegetables in a delicious party dip that's great for any occasion. 
Main Course
Sautéed Chicken and Radishes with Mustard and Tarragon: Chicken and Radishes with Mustard and TarragonThis main course is simple to make and special enough to cook for company. The dish accentuates the spring flavors of the radishes and tarragon and goes great as a topping or side dish to the chicken.
Fruit Cobbler: Fruit CobblerThis cobbler recipe is great with any combination of fruits. Head to your local grocery store to pick up some fruits that are in season this spring and have fun experimenting with flavor combinations that will make your taste buds sing.
Now we want to hear from you! What items are you excited to cook with this spring? Do you have any springtime recipes that you and your family love? To be entered to win one of our giveaway prizes this week, submit a recipe for a spring meal that you enjoy making. Recipes must be submitted by 6pm EST on March 19th, 2012. Good luck!



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chaos7448 by chaos7448 | Scotts, MI
Mar 15, 2012

I live in a rural area and have several little vegetable stands in my area. I love to stop and do my vegetable shopping. Our favorites are sauteed squash, onions and peppers. I also go to our towns farmers markets to get other vegetables. It is fun to shop and see what is available that week. I miss that during the winter. Last summer I tried some container gardening. It was fun to eat the cucumbers. peppers and tomatoes I grew myself.

jazel1129 by jazel1129 | San Jose, CA
Mar 14, 2012

Love fresh produce in season. Our local hospital has a Farmers Market twice a week which is great. i have tried gardens but the gophers do too much damage. Gardening in a pot doesn't seem right.

animalgal by animalgal | kenosha, WI
Mar 14, 2012

I grow as much as I can, then trade with freinds to save on the grocery budget!!!

tonibegood by tonibegood | beverly Hills, CA
Mar 14, 2012

Love the Garden Calendar! We are bigtime veggie people and are all about the roasted, local , organic vegetable. 2 tbsp. olive oil with fluer de sal or pink salt to finish. Somthing wonderful happens in the oven at 350 and the savory nuttiness of each veg comes through. We all need to eat what is fresh, local and organic. Great article! Thanks SS.

goshan24 by goshan24 | BEL AIR, MD
Mar 14, 2012

LOVE this article!! I've been transitioning to a more natural way of living and moving to a more farm to table for our meals. Thank you so much for the Garden Calendar!

FarmWife50 by FarmWife50 | WOLCOTT, NY
Mar 14, 2012

We live on a farm and often sell and/or give away extra produce. It's always fun to get the garden started and see those first few green shoots poke through the dirt.

cancan by cancan | BROOKLYN, NY
Mar 14, 2012

I love roasting veggies in the oven. I just coat them in olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper....my kids especially love brocolli like this. :)

jlindseyc by jlindseyc | LEXINGTON, KY
Mar 14, 2012

another great idea for local and sustainable produce is to join a CSA - community supported agriculture as a share holder. You recieve weekly shares of the crop production of a farm. It's an amazing opportunity to invest in local farms as well as to try new veggies you may not have tried before.

punkinluvsu by punkinluvsu | South Park, PA
Mar 14, 2012

i appreciate that SheSpeaks is demonstrating an awareness of the importance of making conscious consumer choices to purchase and consume wholesome locally grown products and promoting this sustainable lifestyle choice to its members and online community. i would like to see a continued commitment to sustainable, natural, and environmentally friendly choices in future, both in web posts and in the partnerships and business relationships SheSpeaks pursues.

bufflady by bufflady | BUFFALO, NY
Mar 14, 2012

i try to buy veggies in season, especially ones that are local ... .. best prices. and the leat amount of pesticides ... keep away from south american grown produce when i can..

swordancer by swordancer | Acworth, GA
Mar 14, 2012

I am starting my first garden this year! I hope to have many fresh veggies to cook with through the Summer. I'm growing cucumbers, English peas, purple potatoes, rainbow carrots, 3 different types of tomatoes and lettuces. Wish me luck!

amywa65 by amywa65 | Chesterfield, MI
Mar 14, 2012

Thanks for the yummy recipes. I love going to the local farmer's market from May through November, and really taste a difference in the produce! Our grocery store tries to buy locally too, so the big difference is noticed in the winter and early spring. We eat more casseroles during that time, for both warm comfort and to mask the less fresh tastes.