24 Summer Fruit Recipes to Make This Month

   By savvyjulie  Jul 16, 2011

It is summer. Which means it is blueberry time.  The raspberry hour.  And my favorite, cherry season.

Soon it will be watermelon, peach and watermelon season.  Well, you may already have all these fruits where you live, but in upstate New York, we’re a bit behind.

In the summer, I go fruit picking at least once a week.  Sometimes twice or, ahem, three times.  While I freeze and preserve much of what I pick, I want to enjoy the fruit to its fullest while it is at its peak.  So I’m keeping these 24 recipes from some of my favorite blogs close and on hand for whenever I get home from a morning of picking fruit.








What’s your favorite summer fruit recipe?

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dreemz8680 by dreemz8680 | Palm Coast, FL
Jul 16, 2011

My all time favorite is Rote Grütze German Mixed Berry Pudding. When I visited my relatives in Germany they would always make this. It is soooooooo yummy! All kinds of berries, currants, cherrys or other assorted red fruits is used for the recipe. It is very refreshing in summer. In my family you eat it hot with milk or cold with hot vanilla sauce. mmm makes me want some now! :)