2022 Predictions

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 16, 2021

The time of year is here, our yearly Women’s 2022 Predictions!

This year we received 1,266 responses from the SheSpeaks community. We asked women about all kinds of topics, from their social media usage, 2022 goals, and economic outlook to current emotions.

Here are three key insights from the results, check out the deck below for more!

  1. The Pandemic Has Caused Trauma and Ongoing Anxiety. In 2019, 60% of the SheSpeaks Predictions survey respondents felt excited and optimistic about entering 2020. After a year plus of economic hardship, job loss, and pandemic trauma, the optimism seems to have faded with a consecutive 27% drop in anticipation for the new year.
  2. Self Care and Self Progress will be the Theme of 2022. Along with improving fitness, optimizing organization, and doing more for well-being, self-care will remain a common goal amongst women. In 2022, 61% of women will be placing their energy into building strength and improving fitness. Organization of the home and increasing travel have the most significant year-over-year difference in this category. Many women (51%) have also reported the desire to learn a new skill either through reading, listening to podcasts, or joining a class.
  1. The Growing Desire for Connection Strengthening relationships with family and friends seems to be the most sought-after accomplishment for women in the upcoming year. Up 15% from last year, 61% of women hope to spend more time with family & friends. For singles, the desire for connection in the form of a new love interest has also increased by 75% from 2020! 
Do these top insights from other SheSpeaks members resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below.                                                                  
Women Predict 2022 from SheSpeaks Inc.

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tumcsec by tumcsec | TUSCALOOSA, AL
Jan 07, 2022

My only sibling, a younger brother passed away 1/4/21 of Covid. Praying deaths will cease from this insidious disease.

nicoleburgess012018 by nicoleburgess012018 | Austin, KY
Dec 31, 2021

I am new on here.

littlecity413 by littlecity413 | pawtucket, RI
Dec 29, 2021

Accurate for all. Let 2022 be the year we reconnect, refresh and renew.

dbiddle70 by dbiddle70 | Las Vegas, NV
Dec 27, 2021

I hope 2022 will be better for everyone. Happy and healthy and no more pandemic issues. I lost my job due to covid after 19 years and nothing has been the same for me since. It's been such a tragedy.

MandyKaye by MandyKaye | SHELBYVILLE, IL
Dec 22, 2021

I agree with the anxiety and the self care. My anxiety has been through the roof. I try to calm it down with some self care.

hntaylor by hntaylor | Ladson, SC
Dec 21, 2021

Yes I think those are all valid predictions for many people especially after what everyone is endured through the pandemic and hopefully everyone has had a greater appreciation of the simpler things to and taking a few steps back to slow down a little bit and reassess their priorities

grr0510 by grr0510 | HOLLAND, NY
Dec 21, 2021

I agree

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Dec 21, 2021

Self Care and Self Progress seems to be the theme w/ most women I've spoken, they've all mentioned the extreme amount of stress they are currently under amounts they have never had before.

TexasSand by TexasSand | EL PASO, TX
Dec 21, 2021

I agree with this! I have made choices to improve my physical and mental health.

brigarn2010 by brigarn2010 | DALLAS, TX
Dec 21, 2021

I agree

glad2bamom by glad2bamom | WOODBRIDGE, NJ
Dec 21, 2021

I agree. We all have to be mentally and physically strong in 2022 an donwards.

dlindsey1 by dlindsey1 | Pittsburgh, PA
Dec 21, 2021

These predictions all sound pretty accurate based on what I talk about with friends and family and trends I'm seeing in the news and social media. People are really looking to take better care of themselves right now because the world is so unpredictable and self-care is a healthy way to manage everything happening right now. A lot of people are feeling anxiety and are looking for ways to relieve this. And most everyone wants to be able to connect to loved ones more closely again.

Angelwolfstorm by Angelwolfstorm | GUYTON, GA
Dec 21, 2021

I agree with this! I miss my family so much and my stress levels are out of this world.

SweepAddict by SweepAddict | Saint Louis, MO
Dec 21, 2021

Sounds pretty spot on to me!

tiramisu888 by tiramisu888 | harrison, NY
Dec 21, 2021

I think overall the pandemic has taken a toll on our mind and bodies. Everything does seem more difficult. But we are all managing well. I am optimistic that we can overcome the negatives and reach the norm. I'm glad that there is a higher percentage of people learning and actively seeking new relationships.