2016 Rio Olympics: More U.S. Women Than Ever Before. Win #TeamUSA Gear to Cheer Them On!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 07.27.16
2016 Rio Olympics: More U.S. Women Than Ever Before.  Win #TeamUSA Gear to Cheer Them On!

There are many reasons to be excited about the 2016 Rio Olympics - 292 of them. That's the number of women on the U.S. Olympic team going to Rio this year, more than ever before. For only the second time, women will represent more than half of all U.S. athletes!

Read on to see which athletes we have our eye on. Plus, enter for the chance to win your choice of official Olympics Gear to cheer on Team USA!

NBC Sports reports about the record-breaking amount of women competing this year - the U.S. will have more women competing for a single nation than any country has before.

And with more women competitors going to the Olympics this year, well be watching for their amazing stories and athletic abilities.

Katie Ledecky, Swimmer

Swim fans will be holding their breath in Rio when Katie Ledecky attempts the rare triple for the 200, 400 and 800 freestyle. The only other Olympian to pull this off for all three was Debbie Meyer in 1968. There’s a good chance this 19 year old won’t disappoint as she holds world records in the 400-, 800- and 1,500-meter freestyles (the first woman to hold records in 3 distance events since Janet Evans).

Vashti Cunningham, Track & Field

Vashti Cunningham keeps it all in the family with her former NFL quarterback father Randall Cunningham acting as her agent. And at just 18 years old, she’s already broken a record becoming the youngest woman to win an IAAF World Indoor high jump championship.

Ibitihaj Muhammed, Fencer

U.S. Olympic fencer Ibitihaj Muhammed is set to break some records and stereotypes of her own. She will be the first U.S. athlete to compete while wearing a hijab. Muhammed has had to deal with her fair share of ridicule and prejudice, being a devout Muslim and one of the few African Americans competing in her sport. Explaining her journey to the Olympics she says, “I feel like I owe it to my community, I owe it to people who look like me and fight struggles every day, to hear something different. It's up to all us to combat these things. I have to speak up because I know there were people before me that did it.

Laurie Hernandez, Gymnastics

And as the world pays close attention to gymnasts like the amazing Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas, a young newcomer named Laurie Hernandez is showing a good deal of promise. At just 16, this will be her first year of senior competition. Fans enjoy watching her enthusiasm, difficult routines and upbeat performances. Though she may not be a shoe-in, she has four national championship medals and five other international and domestic competition medals. She also finished second place just behind Biles in the Olympic trials this year.

Lexi Thompson, Stacy Lewis & Gerina Piller, Golf

Women are also killing it in Olympic golf this year with Lexi Thompson, Stacy Lewis and Gerina Piller all competing for the U.S. The one and only time women ever competed in this category in the Olympic Games was 116 years ago in 1900. They seem to have excellent chances of breaking even more golf records with both Thompson and Lewis ranked in the top 9 of world and Olympic rankings.

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  • illyjns By illyjns

    I'll be cheering for Ibitihaj Muhammed, Fencer and everyone too!!

  • emmaleneann By emmaleneann

    I'm cheering for Katie Ledecky. Hopefully one day she will have as many gold medals as her hero, Michael Phelps .

  • ecollins86 By ecollins86

    Everyone on Team USA!

  • vsmall43 By vsmall43

    USA, USA!

  • shaunahg By shaunahg

    Laurie Hernandez, womens beach volleyball teams....go usa!

  • matzsmith By matzsmith

    Waiting for my Doritos delivery, yelling at the TV "faster, faster" "Go go go" 'Wow' and 'WayToGold" #TEAMUSA

  • Yarihdz By Yarihdz

    I'm cheering for Laurie Hernandez.

  • orchidlady01 By orchidlady01

    I am rooting for al the TeamUSA athletes but especially for Katie Ledecky and Laurie Hernandez.

  • lilannie By lilannie

    Team USA

  • yarbr012 By yarbr012

    I will be cheering for Jenny Simpson! She is a track and field runner.

  • hofken By hofken

    Tweeted https://twitter.com/hofken/status/764140587956056064

  • ngdemo1 By ngdemo1

    I would LOVE to win Team USA gear! I can't stop watching the Olympics! The athletes are amazing and make me very proud of the U.S.A.!!

  • kuchick By kuchick

    It has been fun to cheer for the USA women gymnasts, my daughter Loves Katie LeDecky too!

  • PoshRealHousewives By PoshRealHousewives

    Cheering for Katie Ledecky!!! Especially because we share the same first name! USA is doing such a great job! #ProudtoBeanAmerican

  • HMGrudda By HMGrudda

    I love watching Laurie Hernandez compete in gymnastics! Her smile and bounce show she really loves what she does... and is pretty darn good at it!

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