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2015's In-the-Moment Halloween Costume Trends and Giveaway

2015's In-the-Moment Halloween Costume Trends and Giveaway

Each year we are introduced to a host of very in-the-moment costumes. Who can forget the Sarah Palin costumes of 2008 or last year’s parade of Orange is the New Black character costumes? 2015 appears to be a good year for topical humor halloween costumes, many of which were born right here on the internet.

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If we’re talking about being on trend, we can’t really have a 2015 Halloween without a Donald Trump costume. And apparently, even the Donald can be transformed into a suggestive costume complete with shorty-shorts, a red tie, a tiny jacket, and a pair of complimentary panties for some reason?

If you're a Star Wars fan, the reboot of the movie this year brings renewed interest in the francise. Dress up like Yoda or Dearth Vader, or of course Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia and relive your youth.

At this point in 2015, you’ve probably become well acquainted with the ‘Pizza Rat” video that has gone viral on YouTube. (And if you haven’t, you should probably check it out right away). The video shows a New York subway rat heroically carrying a slice of pizza down some stairs. I know that doesn’t sound very sexy, but in true Halloween trend fashion costume designers have found a way to sex it up with a revealing rat dress featuring pizza pockets.

Mashable reports about ‘the dress’ costume that is making it’s way on Halloween goers this year. For just $46.95 you can start up the old debate at any Halloween party: “It’s white and gold!” Soon followed by a, “NO! IT’S BLUE AND BLACK!” The costume itself is a dress that is half white and gold and half blue and black. But apparently the actual dress is on sale if you want to be even more authentic to the dress debate.


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Comment below to provide your answer – What do you think of some of the new Halloween costumes we are seeing this year? Do you have your costume picked out yet? Tell us about your (or your family’s) costume choice.


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  • megbomb By megbomb

    It bothers me that "we" need to make everything into sexy costumes, and I dont care for the cultural appropriation that happens such as black face. My kids all want to be my little ponies, so that should be pretty easy, an amazon gift card would be great help with face paint and wigs!

  • lesh4537 By lesh4537

    They are interesting at the least. My son wants to be scary this Halloween. Making a 4 year old scary is a challenge!

  • RitaFroglegs By RitaFroglegs

    I actually Really like the Sexy Pizza Rat costume, but when I went shopping for a costume more family oriented I couldn't find anything they need to make more Mommy type costumes and lees Sexy ones

  • katiedid0801 By katiedid0801

    I hate that sooo many costumes have to be "sexy"! Creative is really so much more fun!

  • Senaida456 By Senaida456

    I think we'll see more "sexy" celebrity costumes. My family is going as horror movie classic characters. I'm going as Jason Voorhies, my husband as Michael Meyers, My oldest as Freddy Krueger and my little ones are going as ghost face. Yeah, we love Halloween. I would love a gift card to help out with the finishing touches.

  • jackiew By jackiew

    I like the star wars the best. We are making our costumes still.

  • kmk81975 By kmk81975

    My family is going as super heroes!

  • LauraParr By LauraParr

    Why do they have to so often make the women's Halloween costumes so inappropriately short and revealing?

  • mamahook By mamahook

    I think most of the costumes are ridiculous. Why do we need to make a costume of every news story, why do we need a costume of a mouse eating pizza? More of why does everything need to be so provocative and sexy these days? Who wants to be a sexy trump for that matter. I get a presidential costume since we've had Hilary Clinton masks and Sarah plain but to make them sexy with panties included why? I think it's has gotten completely out of hand I get adults wanting to be sexy but to make children's costumes sexy and provocative is way to far. No way would I ever purchase one for my daughters. My oldest is wanting to be Anna no clue what my youngest will be yet most likely a princess to go along with her and me and my husband will dress as king and queens to match!

  • SeriousOrchid By SeriousOrchid

    I think the 'sexy' Donald Trump is icky mostly because the model's butt in hanging out. Yuck. The blue/white dress is fun. It's body skimming, but cute and funny. Both my husband and I, and my teen daughter are working, so no costumes for us this year. My son will be dressing up as Gumball Waterson.

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