12 Days of SheSpeaks Day 4: Win $200 to Pamper Your Pets! #thankFULL

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 12.06.17
12 Days of SheSpeaks Day 4: Win $200 to Pamper Your Pets! #thankFULL

Does your dog jump for joy when you come home at night? Will your cat cuddle with you in the morning? Your pet clearly deserves extra loving!

Welcome to Day 4 of our 12 Days of SheSpeaks giveaway! Enter to win $200 to Pamper Your Pet!

This prize is a $200 gift card to BoxLunch, where you can shop for pet beds, blankets, collars, bowls and toys - or anything else you want for yourself, or your favorite friends.

What pet or animal are you #thankFULL for? Enter Day 4 of our giveaway by answering the question in the box below. Then you'll unlock more ways to enter!

Remember that for every entry, $1 will be donated to our charity partner, Feeding America, to help fight hunger in this country (up to $1,000). Find out more info here.

12 Days of SheSpeaks Day 4

Don't forget to check back daily here between now and December 18th, on weekdays, for more giveaways!

Note: Comments on this blog post will not count as entries. BoxLunch, a partner of Feeding America, provided this gift card for free.

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  • raeolyte By raeolyte

    My kitty, Burt. He's crazy, but such a good cuddler! #thankFULL

  • Partys By Partys

    i will be back later

  • BrendaS54 By BrendaS54

    I am so thankful I rescued my two maltese Libby and Pearly.. they have saved me from my depression and makes me smile everyday with their playfulness and love and kisses.. Libby just turned 15 on Dec 14th .. when I got her she was just 13 weeks old and was the only baby born to the mother . The mother died while giving birth. Libby was going to be left to die also! I said no way! I took her home with me all the way from St. Louis Missouri to Michigan ,and hand fed her every two hours! she just about didn't make it but she is here today. 5 years old.. she has slowed down alot and I can tell she is at her last days.. but she saved my life many times as I saved hers. I got another rescue Maltese 6 years ago from here in Michigan.. she has kept Libby going I think.. She is my little girl. She is full of life!

  • angel7774xx By angel7774xx

    I am #thankFULL for my dog,Luna.

  • Kasey373 By Kasey373

    Im #thankFULL for my kitties. My cat Salem has been with me through everything these last 6 1/2 years. I would love to win so I can spoil him and his brother Tatum! Thanks for the chance!

  • Nancycarlisle By Nancycarlisle

    I am thankfull for my Sammy. He is a rescue and I just got him. He is still scared because he was in the pound for 3 weeks before I got him. He is a fluffy black and white Maine coon. That is what the pound attendant told me any way. He is adorable.

  • bella867 By bella867

    I am #thankFULL for my cats. They are my children!!

  • cyndiloo64 By cyndiloo64

    I'm #thankFULL for my kitties, Steve and Edie!

  • Dilogant By Dilogant

    I am extremely thankful for my Boo Boo he is my very best friend ever

  • gbaby75 By gbaby75

    Thankful for my sweet mini schauzer Lucy

  • ChiILMama By ChiILMama

    My husky/malamute & husky/beagle and 4 happy guinea pigs are our family critters that I'm #thankFULL for!


    #thankful both of my dogs

  • MarineCorpsNomads By MarineCorpsNomads

    All 3 of my rescue dogs.

  • Wildhoney53 By Wildhoney53

    I am thankful for my dog Rock.He has been a great comfort to me for 11 yrs now.I do love him dearly!!!

  • haynie911 By haynie911

    My Sassy.. she is my 9yr old lab. Love her so much.

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