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  • Honeybunnysmommy By  Honeybunnysmommy    


    I have used this a few times and it causes me to break out. So I didn't use it long enough to see any positive change in my skin.

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  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    This cream really is great. It is actually the first drug store cream i have ever purchased and at first i didnt think it was doing much but then i continued to use it and really can see the overall difference in my skin, much more youthful and tight for sure.

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    I really love this Regenerist line. This cream is nothing short of what it says it will do. Immediately see results in a week of using. It tightened my cheeks and forehead wrinkles. Feels amazing going on and absorbs quickly. Offers great moisture, too.

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  • ars1981 By  ars1981    

    This is my favorite moisturizer I gotta get more it makes my skin fell so smooth nothing has done well compared to this

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Miracle cream. It is great for wrinkles and preventing them. Highly recommend it.

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  • anainkenya By  anainkenya    

    This cream is pretty nice. It makes my skin very soft. It moisturises very well. I suffer from dry skin and can be sensitive to certain creams. But this one doesn't break me out.

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  • ishhappens By  ishhappens    

    This cream is truly like a miracle facelift in a bottle. It works so well my skin became smoother, more firm, smaller pores and mouisturized! I was amazed at how well this cream works.

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  • jewls_her By  jewls_her    

    I am currently using this and I love it. My face seems to look better and glowing more.

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  • snols82 By  snols82    

    My face feels wonderful after putting this on! It smells very nice as well.

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  • Mona12879 By  Mona12879    

    I absolutely love this moisturizer. I have been using it for about a year and within the first few weeks, my skin definitely improved. I tried switching to a less expensive moisturizer a few months ago and it really did not work as well so I switched back immediately. No more switching for me, I am loyal to Olay Regenerist!

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  • eag011 By  eag011    

    This product works. If you're looking for immediate results, you've found it. I noticed an immediate change in my skin within the first week of use. I love all the Olay skin care products and I don't ever plan to change.

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  • reddkittee By  reddkittee    

    Olay rocks! With age comes wisdom but let's not forget the dry skin, rough texture, uneven makeup application, oily areas again and all those great things you had when you were a teen! I LOVE how my skin feels now! That wonderful, moisture-rich, un-aged texture and easier application of makeup that I've been looking for! Way to go Olay!

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  • PaulaP15 By  PaulaP15    

    I love this creme. I have used a multitude of cremes since I was in my 20's and this is by far the best. My skin looks & feels fresh. My makeup flows smoothly over it and throughout the day, I do not have that awful feeling of dryness.

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  • happymom67 By  happymom67    

    I received the product for Christmas and absolutely LOVE IT!!! Made my skin soft and I feel wonderul!

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  • freecyclestacy By  freecyclestacy    

    This product is great! I am only 27 and am using this product solely as an eye cream to keep my eye area soft and hopefully wrinkle-free. This product keeps skin hydrated and soft and will transform dry skin into an amazingly soft surface. This cream is somewhat expensive, but is a good alternative to other eye creams and anti-aging solutions priced much higher.

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