"I Do"...Now Pass the Champagne

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 24, 2012

If you’re at a wedding and happen to notice the bride gulping down her glass of champagne while the groom takes dainty sips, you may just be witnessing the natural changes couples make after tying the knot. A new study revealed at the American Sociological Association in Denver, Colo. suggests that married women tend to increase their alcohol intake while married men often moderate their drinking after saying “I do”.

A recent CBS News report discusses the study’s findings and what it means to married couples. More than 5,000 men and women were surveyed including those that are married, never married, divorced, and widowed.

In previous studies, researchers have often shown that married couples drink less than singles, but this study revealed something a little different. Though married men drink less than singles, married women were found to actually drink more than their single counterparts. Researchers explain, “Stable marriage curbs men's drinking yet is associated with a slightly higher level of alcohol use among women.”

On the flipside, divorced women tend to curb their drinking while men who are recently divorced drink significantly more than married men. The reason for this may be that women are influenced and introduced to their drinking by their husbands and refrain more when the husband is out of the picture. Lead researcher Corinne Reczek says, “Our qualitative findings suggest that being married to a man who is more likely to drink creates a new social environment that may promote drinking among women.”

What do you think of the research about married couples’ drinking habits? Have you noticed that your husband drinks less now than when you were dating?

Do you find yourself drinking more now that you’re married than you did when you were single?


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BrittanyD07 by BrittanyD07 | PASADENA, TX
Nov 24, 2012

Its so true! I hardly drink but when Im really upset or whatever, I will have a drink. If i didnt care about getting up for work the next day, I would drink a lot more

ninjamic by ninjamic | Mankato, MN
Oct 19, 2012

I don't drink at all. It would be nice to meet a man like that too. You can have fun without it!

Alicia7480 by Alicia7480 | Pinedale, CA
Sep 23, 2012

No I drink less now that I'm married and my husband drinks about the same or times more. Thinking of my family and my siblings that are married. Women in my family are drinking less now that they are married.

tychinna by tychinna | SEATTLE, WA
Aug 25, 2012

I think this article is true I have been around plenty of married friends, that drink way more than me and then looks at me funny because I'm not drinking. So yes not all but some married women drink more than their single friends i think because their stress levels are higher.