'Biggest Loser' Winner Reveal Has Fans Shocked and Concerned

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 05, 2014

Fans of the weight loss show ‘Biggest Loser’ witnessed the show’s most shocking reveal when voice-over artist Rachel Frederickson took the stage to show off her new 105 pound frame. For many viewers, the surprising new look was more alarming than exciting and sparked a debate over whether the show is at fault for allowing Frederickson to lose too much weight.

The Los Angeles Times reports about Frederickson’s season 15 win after going from her original weight of 260 pounds all the way down to a very slight 105. The voice-over artist took off a whopping 60% of her body weight in a relatively short amount of time.

It was clear to viewers who hadn’t seen Frederickson since her triathlon win on the show that she had become much thinner. Trainers Bob Harper and Gillian Michaels also couldn’t hide their concerned looks when first seeing Frederickson at the reveal.

Frederickson’s extreme results have a lot of people questioning whether the weight-loss techniques the show employs are actually safe for everyone. Many viewers took to Twitter to voice their concern about season 15’s winner. DietsInReview tweeted, “105 pounds? 60% loss? That’s not healthy, by any definition. Hard to celebrate that.” Another viewer tweets, “I feel like @nbc should issue a statement tomorrow w/r/t Rachel’s weight loss tomorrow. This is unhealthy and creepy.”

What did you think of Rachel Frederickson’s reveal on ‘Biggest Loser’?

Do you think she lost an unhealthy amount of weight?

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Eggface by Eggface | Temecula, CA
Feb 06, 2014

I dislike all competitive weight loss shows. Health is not a game.

christinlilly by christinlilly | SIESTA KEY, FL
Feb 05, 2014

I am a fan of going by BMI...her BMI is 18 EIGHTEEN that is UNDERWEIGHT. I hope she gains some back to at least be in a healthy range. Being underweight is just as dangerous healthwise as being overweight.

Tricias-List by Tricias-List | Millersville, MD
Feb 05, 2014

She's lost an incredible amount of weight and she really does look unhealthy. Did you see Jillian Micheal's reaction?! I just want to say that I hope in her journey to lose weight,Rachel did not open the door to anorexia. It seems like it by her appearance. It was scary to see her look like that.

countrygirldonna by countrygirldonna | BROOKLYN, NY
Feb 05, 2014

She is very thin and looks older as well unhealthy. I am proud of her and the others for wanting to get healthy. Think Rachel lost her way and got to focused on the prize and title. I truly hope Bob or Jillian or Dolvett reach out to her. I worry she will go to far and wind up with eating disorder.

animalgal by animalgal | kenosha, WI
Feb 05, 2014

how long did it take her to lose the weight? and did she have the surgery to remove the excess skin?

elizdup by elizdup | Tomball, TX
Feb 05, 2014


Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Feb 05, 2014

It was horrifying to see. Understood that she may have done this to ensure winning the money, and a contract, etc ... and also understood that NBC's flailing ratings for this show may now receive a boost - but that doesn't get them off the hook for this in my opinion. Exactly what kind of "medical supervision" is this (105 pounds for someone 5"4")??