#12DaysOfSheSpeaks Day 5: Toast the Holidays with @RiedelUSA Wine Glass Set & Wine.com Gift Card

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 12.07.16
#12DaysOfSheSpeaks Day 5: Toast the Holidays with @RiedelUSA Wine Glass Set & Wine.com Gift Card

The fifth prize in our 2016 #12DaysofSheSpeaks giveaways is great for parties or to set your own table...and some wine to go along with it!

It's a Riedel wine glasses set of 8 Cabernet and Chardonnay glasses in their hot collection, Riedel Veritas. Plus, you also get a $30 gift card to Wine.com to fill those glasses!

Valued at $237.00, this is a great gift for anyone who loves the holiday season and wants to entertain. The Riedel Veritas collection is remarkably lightweight, brilliantly designed, using the latest in glass making technology. 

Are you a wine drinker? If so, you're not alone. Among U.S. wine consumers, approximately 55% are female and 45% are male, according to Nielson. In terms of preferred wine varieties, the study shows that cabernet sauvignon and merlot are the top favorites of both men and women; however, women also identify white zinfandel as a strong preference. The favored white for both genders is chardonnay.

The study also shows that women name social and relaxation reasons to drink wine. But we didn't need a research paper to know that!

Are you ready to win a Riedel wine glasses set & a $30 Wine.com gift card? Enter below.

#12DaysofSheSpeaks, Day 5 Giveaway

For an additional way to enter, tell us in the comments below what your favorite holiday drink is.

Also, Don't forget that for every entry during the duration of this giveway, we are donating $1, up to $1,000 total, to V-Day, a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls. You can find out more about the charity and our social good campaign here.

Don't forget to check back daily between now and December 16th, on weekdays, for more giveaways!

And now... here is your hint for Day #6: A year of sweet indulgence

RULES: One lucky participant will be chosen at random to receive a Riedel wine glasses set, valued at $207 AND a $30 gift card to Wine.com. Enter through December 18th. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and must be a member of SheSpeaks.If you are not a member, click here to join.

Update: Thanks to all who entered! Congratulations to our winner, SheSpeaks member cusesoftie.

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  • donnak4 By donnak4

    Hot chocolate

  • donnak4 By donnak4


  • Becky0419 By Becky0419

    I love coffee with a little Bailey's! Yummy!!

  • kelo2413 By kelo2413

    My favorite holiday drink is Hot Buttered Rums....yummmm. Might have to go make myself one right now :) I also really like spiked egg nog, but the warm buttered rum is so toasty.

  • sherini By sherini

    Champagne to toast in the New Year! Thank you for the chance to win and Happy Holidays!

  • starrydana By starrydana

    My favorite holiday drink is mimosa

  • Soxgirl1978 By Soxgirl1978

    Peppermint hot chocolate, cooked on the stove (homemade) with freshly whipped cream.

  • Jennifer226 By Jennifer226

    I am a red wine drinker. I don't drink often but this would be a wonderful way to spoil myself

  • LearnToListen By LearnToListen


  • angelpetals4 By angelpetals4

    Wine if course

  • SunshyneSD By SunshyneSD

    Egg nog with either whiskey or rum

  • kmottel By kmottel

    Love wine, and wine night with the girls. What a great gift package.

  • Sherree By Sherree

    A good cup of coffee with a shot of Bailey's in the morning and a nice glass of bubbly pink moscato in the evening :)

  • genofsavings By genofsavings

    spiced hot chocolate is my favorite! Unless you mean alcoholic and then it would probably be cranberry rum spicers.

  • stylinstar53 By stylinstar53

    My favorite holiday drink is a fruity Sangria!

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