Which of these 2012 pop culture obsessions do you hope will LOSE popularity in 2013? (Published On January 11,2013)
If you use Instagram, which of the following do you do? (Published On January 09,2013)
How often do you use Instagram? (Published On January 07,2013)
What photo apps do you use? (Published On January 04,2013)
What are your New Year's Resolution(s)? (Published On January 01,2013)
Before midnight on New Years Eve, do you stop to look back and toast the year that passed? (Published On December 29,2012)
What was the biggest entertainment story of 2012? (Published On December 28,2012)
Who did you give a tip or present to this holiday season? (Published On December 26,2012)
What were your favorite types of charities to help this year? (Published On December 24,2012)
The first day of Winter is on December 22, 2011: What is your favorite part of Winter? (Published On December 20,2012)
Many internet sites predict that the world will end on Dec 21, 2012. If you believed that to be true, how would you spend your last days? (Published On December 19,2012)
Which of the following tips do you try to follow in order to avoid weight-gain during the holidays? (Published On December 17,2012)
In general, how do you feel about your current neighbors? (Published On December 14,2012)
What are you doing to keep the holiday season manageable? (Published On December 12,2012)
Some fashonistas are insisting that small pleats on pants are back in style. Do you agree? (Published On December 10,2012)
Who is/will be included in the photo(s) for your holiday card this year? (Published On December 06,2012)
Please vote on which of the following is truly the absolute worst holiday gift. (Published On November 29,2012)
Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all weekend sales are hard to resist, how much did you shell out during this Thanksgiving Holiday? (Published On November 28,2012)
What types of items do you collect? (Published On November 26,2012)
What do you think of receiving gift cards as presents? (Published On November 23,2012)
Do you stick to the American tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving? (Published On November 21,2012)
When do you start listening to holiday music? (Published On November 19,2012)
Do you follow the "5-second rule" where you can eat food off the floor, as long as it has been on the floor fewer than 5 seconds? (Published On November 16,2012)
Have you ever posted a video on YouTube? (Published On November 14,2012)
For most companies that offer health insurance to their employees, open enrollment is going on. Are your/your spouse/partner's options for 2013 better or worse than they were for 2012? (Published On November 12,2012)
Do you think it is ok to reprimand someone else's child? (Published On November 09,2012)
Do you get a flu shot for yourself? (Published On November 07,2012)
Today is Election Day! Have you always planned to vote for the same candidate, or have you changed your mind during the campaign season? (Published On November 05,2012)
As the weather gets colder, what is your favorite beverage for warming up? (Published On November 02,2012)
What happens with all the Halloween candy that you/your kids collect? (Published On October 31,2012)
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