What are your favorite summer foods? (Check all that apply.) (Published On June 03,2013)
What have you done when relatives give your kids something you don't usually allow? (Published On May 31,2013)
Would you ever have elective cosmetic surgery? (Published On May 29,2013)
What foods do you most enjoy grilling? (Published On May 27,2013)
What are your plans this Memorial Day? (Published On May 24,2013)
What summer movies are you looking forward to seeing? (Published On May 22,2013)
How many bumper stickers or car magnets do you have on your car? (Published On May 20,2013)
We all know that the American Dental Association recommends that we should floss our teeth every day. But how how often do you really floss? (Published On May 17,2013)
May is a popular month to buy or sell a home. Why did you move into your current location? (Published On May 15,2013)
A 6-year old in Texas recently received detention for being late to school. The dad apologized, saying it was his fault. Who is reponsible when a child is late to school? (Published On May 13,2013)
Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12. If you could choose your dream Mother's Day, who would you spend it with? (Published On May 10,2013)
Does a makeup company's policy on animal-testing impact your decision to buy from them? (Published On May 08,2013)
When you attend your kids' activities or sporting events, do you "sideline coach" by giving them extra instruction during the class or game? (Published On May 06,2013)
What are your favorite things to eat/drink on Cinco de Mayo? (Published On May 03,2013)
Have you ever donated to a project through a crowdfunding website such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo? (Published On May 01,2013)
How do you cover your gray hairs? (Published On April 29,2013)
Is it ok for parents to spy on their kids through their online social networks? (Published On April 26,2013)
Will you bring a child to work on April 26 for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day? (Published On April 24,2013)
How much do you 'embellish' stories you tell your friends? (Published On April 22,2013)
Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22. Which Earth Day resolutions will you pledge to do this year? (Published On April 19,2013)
Should people over 70 be required to take driving tests every few years? (Published On April 17,2013)
How will you spend your tax refund? (Published On April 15,2013)
Do you ever feel like you are in a cooking rut, cooking the same meals over and over? If so, what do you do? (Published On April 12,2013)
To raise money, some schools are selling advertising on, around or in their buildings. Is this a good idea? (Published On April 10,2013)
Do you use a soda stream to create your own carbonated beverages? (Published On April 08,2013)
April 7 is World Health Day. How healthy have you been this past year? (Published On April 05,2013)
Apple introduced the iPad just 3 years ago! Which of the following ways do you think the iPad can be useful? (Published On April 03,2013)
Have you been following the NCAA Basketball Tournament? (Published On April 01,2013)
The soap opera, General Hospital, will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on April 1. Have you ever regularly watched any daytime TV soap operas? (Published On March 29,2013)
Do you consider your skin dry, oily or somewhere in between? (Published On March 27,2013)
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