Do you use a soda stream to create your own carbonated beverages? (Published On April 08,2013)
April 7 is World Health Day. How healthy have you been this past year? (Published On April 05,2013)
Apple introduced the iPad just 3 years ago! Which of the following ways do you think the iPad can be useful? (Published On April 03,2013)
Have you been following the NCAA Basketball Tournament? (Published On April 01,2013)
The soap opera, General Hospital, will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on April 1. Have you ever regularly watched any daytime TV soap operas? (Published On March 29,2013)
Do you consider your skin dry, oily or somewhere in between? (Published On March 27,2013)
When you go out to a nice dinner, what do you prefer to drink? (Published On March 25,2013)
In the current economic environment, many towns are cutting funds to their public libraries. How do you use your town's library? (Published On March 22,2013)
Have you started planning your summer vacation yet? (Published On March 20,2013)
March 20 is the first day of Spring. What is your favorite Spring activity? (Published On March 18,2013)
Saint Patrick's Day is on Sunday, Mar 17 and is often celebrated by people of all backgrounds. Do you consider yourself Irish on Saint Patrick's Day? (Published On March 15,2013)
Do you think old buildings - such as those over 125 years old - should be preserved? (Published On March 13,2013)
Instead of exchanging money, some people are turning to bartering, or trading services, to get what they need. If you were to barter, what might you offer to others? (Published On March 11,2013)
Barbie first debuted at a toy fair on March 9, 1959. What do you think of Barbie? (Published On March 08,2013)
About how often do you play the lottery? (Published On March 06,2013)
To help families get along better, some professionals recommend holding regular family meetings to discuss issues. Do you have regular family meetings? (Published On March 04,2013)
How much sleep do you usually get each week-night? (Published On March 01,2013)
Do you think cursive writing (script) should still be taught in school? (Published On February 27,2013)
If a spouse cheats, do you think it is possible for the marriage to stay together? (Published On February 25,2013)
Which of the Academy Award best picture nominees are you rooting for? (Published On February 22,2013)
If you have a smart phone, about how often do you usually check it for new emails or text messages? (Published On February 20,2013)
The American Cancer Society recommends that adult women eat 5 servings (2.5 cups) of fruits and vegetables each day. How many do you usually eat? (Published On February 18,2013)
Fortune magazine says the following are the social networks to watch in 2013. Have you ever used any of them? (Published On February 15,2013)
What type of gift would you most like to receive on Valentine's Day? (Published On February 13,2013)
As an adult, how much of your behavior is a reflection of those who raised you? (Published On February 11,2013)
February is American Heart Month. What are you doing to have a healthy heart? (Published On February 08,2013)
The National SAFEKIDS Campaign recommends not leaving a child home alone before age 12. Other child experts say 10 is fine. What age do you think is OK to leave kids home alone? (Published On February 06,2013)
What do you usually do to get rid of hiccups? (Published On February 04,2013)
Some polls suggest that more people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, instead of the game. Which one do you prefer? (Published On February 01,2013)
The following foods are served at ethnic restaurants in New York City from around the world. Which of these would you try? (Published On January 30,2013)
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