Do you think it is ok to reprimand someone else's child? (Published On November 09,2012)
Do you get a flu shot for yourself? (Published On November 07,2012)
Today is Election Day! Have you always planned to vote for the same candidate, or have you changed your mind during the campaign season? (Published On November 05,2012)
As the weather gets colder, what is your favorite beverage for warming up? (Published On November 02,2012)
What happens with all the Halloween candy that you/your kids collect? (Published On October 31,2012)
Are you being impacted by Hurricane Sandy? (Published On October 29,2012)
Now that the summer is over and in most parts of the country the sun is not as strong, will you go to a tanning salon? (Published On October 29,2012)
There are several common bad food habits many of us have. Which ones do you do? (Published On October 26,2012)
Do you ever make your own jewelry? (Published On October 24,2012)
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do you do breast self-exams? (Published On October 22,2012)
What is your favorite part about Halloween? (Published On October 19,2012)
What types of massage have you had done professionally? (Published On October 17,2012)
Do you purchase organic food? (Published On October 15,2012)
Would it bother you if your spouse did not wear a wedding ring out in public? (Published On October 12,2012)
How do you most prefer to celebrate your birthday? (Published On October 10,2012)
Less than one month until the US Presidential Election. What issues are you most focused on? (Published On October 08,2012)
This weekend will be the finals of the T20 Cricket World Cup tournament, in which 1.5 billion people around the world are watching. Have you ever seen a cricket match? (Published On October 05,2012)
Stars like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes have had recent repeated run-ins with the law. Do you think the media should stop reporting on them? (Published On October 03,2012)
On October 3, 1995, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murdering his wife. Do you remember where you were during the car chase and/or verdict announcement? (Published On October 01,2012)
Below is a list of the most common things couples argue about. Which is your biggest issue? (Published On September 28,2012)
Do you spoil your pet? (Published On September 26,2012)
When you have been called for jury duty, what have you thought about it? (Published On September 24,2012)
What fall activity are you most looking forward to? (Published On September 21,2012)
What types of names do you most prefer to name your child? (Published On September 19,2012)
Who do you think knows you best? (Published On September 17,2012)
Which returning Fall TV Shows are you looking forward to watching? (Published On September 14,2012)
The U.S. Presidential election is fewer than 2 months away. Do you talk with your friends about who you will vote for? (Published On September 12,2012)
Driving while distracted is dangerous but common. Do you ever do any of the following while driving? (Published On September 10,2012)
This week is the start of the NFL football season. Will you watch any games this year? (Published On September 07,2012)
What items of clothing are you most excited to wear when autumn arrives? (Published On September 05,2012)
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