Who do you think knows you best? (Published On September 17,2012)
Which returning Fall TV Shows are you looking forward to watching? (Published On September 14,2012)
The U.S. Presidential election is fewer than 2 months away. Do you talk with your friends about who you will vote for? (Published On September 12,2012)
Driving while distracted is dangerous but common. Do you ever do any of the following while driving? (Published On September 10,2012)
This week is the start of the NFL football season. Will you watch any games this year? (Published On September 07,2012)
What items of clothing are you most excited to wear when autumn arrives? (Published On September 05,2012)
What's the most challenging part of "back to school" for you and your family? (Published On September 03,2012)
Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer. What was your favorite memory from this summer? (Published On August 31,2012)
Which community events did you attend this summer? (Published On August 29,2012)
What do you do with the artwork your kids bring home from school or camp? (Published On August 27,2012)
How do you frequently communicate with friends or relatives who you don't often get to see in person? (Published On August 24,2012)
Have you decided who you will be voting for in the upcoming Presidential elections? (Published On August 23,2012)
This summer has been an extremely hot one for most of the country, with droughts in many places. Have you been watering your lawn? (Published On August 22,2012)
What would be your ideal way to go camping? (Published On August 20,2012)
If you're going to be doing back to school shopping, where will it most likely be? (Published On August 17,2012)
How often do you and your family dine out? (Published On August 15,2012)
Did this Summer Olympics live up to your expectations? (Published On August 13,2012)
What is your favorite Matthew McConaughey movie? (Published On August 10,2012)
Every 26 seconds of each school day, a young person drops out of high school in the United States. One way to change this is through mentors. Who were your biggest mentors? (Published On August 08,2012)
A recent article in 'The Atlantic' by Anne-Marie Slaughter discusses "Why Women Still Can't Have It All." Do you think women today can have it all? (Published On August 06,2012)
NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, scheduled to land on August 6, is hoping to learn if any life ever existed on Mars. Do you think there has been life on any other planet? (Published On August 03,2012)
The first week of August is called "National Simplify Your Life Week." Which of the following organization tips do you already follow? (Published On August 01,2012)
If you could splurge on one fashion item, what would it be? (Published On July 30,2012)
Which Olympic sport are you most looking forward to watching? (Published On July 27,2012)
What types of Facebook posts do you "like" or write comments about? (Published On July 25,2012)
Costume parties for adults: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? (Published On July 23,2012)
On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. Do you dream of flying into space one day? (Published On July 20,2012)
The summer of 1982 is remembered for its many classic movie releases. Which of the following from 30 years ago has stood the test of time? (Published On July 18,2012)
What's your idea of a perfect date? (Published On July 16,2012)
Do you think a child's allowance should be tied to the chores they do? (Published On July 13,2012)
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