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What are some plus size stores?
on Aug 25, 2011 (Read 4486 times | Comments: 40)
I have a daughter who is going to be a junior in high school. She is about 3X or 18. Because I have other children going back to school and am a single parent, I can't afford expensive clothes like from Torrid or Alloy. I feel terrible because she is so beautiful and deserves to wear anything her heart desires, but I just don't have the money. What are some plus size stores that I will be able to get her what she wants and not have to worry about prices?

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I know that Christopher & Banks has a plus store and they have really nice clothes. I think the prices are average. If you go online maybe you can check out their selection and see if it is something she might like. Good luck!!

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I get some of my daughter's clothes online at Chadwick's.com. It is part of the REDCATS family. I like the clothes for myself from Roaman's and Woman Within which are part of the same family. The Chadwick's is designed for the younger crowd. They have a wide variety of styles. They also sell shoes and accessories. You can order online or from a catalog. They also have a catalog for home furnishings that offers a line for "plus sized" folks like me! I have signed up for emails to all of the catalogs and get discount offers everyday. It is easy to shop and they have a great return policy so there is never a problem with ordering the wrong size or deciding that you don't like how something looks after you get it on. The sizes actually run big so you might have to experiment a little at first. When you get your merchandise, it comes with a "UPS return" label. If you want to return it, just pop it back in the bag and drop it off at a UPS drop box! Give it a try!

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Lane Bryant actually has some nice, "younger" clothing and when you can get them on a sale, they offer great bargains. Also, if you sign up for their email alerts, they will send you notification and additional discounts. I would also have to say Macy's. They have some killer sales and I know they have a junior plus department with some very trendy items. With the holiday weekend coming up, I am sure they will be running some great sales.

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If you are still looking for plus size clothing (I'm always looking, lol) try Sears. Their clearance sales are awesome and they lots of "younger" fashions for plus size girls.

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Forever 21 has a section of plus size clothes and they are super cute and trendy and very inexpensive!!!

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I suggest going to an upscale thrift store. They quite often have nearly unused plus sized items that well-to-do plus sized teens and young adults have donated. You get them cheap and get to help a charity at the same time. You can get some great things also at Roaman's. Woman Within, and Lane Bryant. Since high school kids love jeans and nice tops, you'll definitely find those there. Encourage your lovely daughter to set trends, not follow them. Also, you can go to places like Wal-Mart and Target for trendy accessories that will complete her cool look. Whatever you do, let her know she is beautiful inside and out. I was a plus sized teen myself and didn't often get to hear that message. I really needed to.

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Hello. I am around the same size as your daughter and I have been for since I was about 18. I love being trendy. Here are some of my secrets. Ross, Marshalls and TJMaxx are great discount stores. They carrry sizes for the whole family. In all of the stores they have prices that are great even without the sale rack. I have scored great pieces from $5.99-39.99. When items hit the clearence table its even better! Cloths are marked from $3.99-16.99! Macys is another great store. When clothes are not on sale they have a higher price point, but to be honest with you there is usually a Saturday sale once a month at Macys. Clothes are usually on clearance anywhere from 40-65% off the regular prices with an extra 30-50% off that price. Thats a steal! Make sure she reads tons of girly magizines, so she can be up on all the trends. Make sure you start looking early. Try finding girls around the same age to exchange cloths. Always add jewlery, makeup, flashy bags, belts and hair! Good Luck!

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Fashion Bug is a good bet, they have a good selection and awesome clearance sections. Rainbow and DOTS are good stores for "cheaper trendy" items but the clothes typically do not last as long as other stores (Lane, Fashion, Macy, Sears, etc) but the prices/clearance sections make it well worth it for current trends. I hope this helps and happy shopping :)

on Nov 08, 2011 Quote  »     Reply  »

Hi, a great store to go to is Torrid, for plus sizes. It's a store that is for younger people, kind of a plus size hot topic. They can be kind of pricey, but quite often have take an extra 50 percent off sale on the clearance. It's great for younger people who are plus sized but still want to remain current and trendy.

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Oh darn, I didn't see what you wrote completely, I just started typing, but do look for the the extra 50 percent of clearance at Torrid, I have found some great deals there. You can always check their website to see if this is happening.
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