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Self- tanner???or Tanning Salon?????
on Aug 06, 2011 (Read 2092 times | Comments: 11)
Would you please share with me the pros and cons or the difference between self-tanning (sprays/creams) and Tanning at a Salon. For anyone who is a first timer and is considering a tanning salon what should you look for? Also what over-the-counter self-tanners would you recommend? Any feedback is appreciative.

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Hi, I've done the mystic tan - spray - at a local tanning salon. The results were great and lasted about a week or so. I was a nice bronze color and it was super quick. The salon where I went had a mystic tan 'booth' that you stood in and it sprays your entire body in like 60 seconds. Being in the booth is kind of freaky at first though. I bought 3 sessions for $55 in case you were wondering about price. - - - I've also tried the Estee Lauder Go Bronze which was pretty good too. Its a bit more messy than just standing in a booth for 60 seconds and I could never really get used to the smell. (the smell goes away after you shower the first time) But the color was great and it was convenient to have available right at home. Enjoy!

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I too found that self tanners were smelly and sometimes they can linger. I've found that I can still smell it after several showers and it seems like you can never get it right so it looks natural. I've read the smell is from the chemical reaction of the lotion and your skin that causes the tanning effect so it's not really avoidable. It was unclear in the original post but I assume that by tanning at the salon you're referring to sunless tanner but if you're actually considering using a tanning bed please don't. Anything would be better than that including just embracing snowy white skin!

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When i tried self tanners they all looked orange and splotchy on my skin. It might be different for other people. But i went by the directions and had absolute no luck. I go tanning in a bed at least 3 times a week then skip for 2 - 3 weeks just to keep my self not looking pale, but still have some color. Im not sure what that would cost you, cause i have my own at home. But i find going in a tanning bed you get even results throughout the entire body, it last much longer then a spray tan, or self tanner, and it is very relaxing. Only down fall, it isnt good for the skin. Hope this helped!

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try the jergens natural glow daily moisturizer. the smell isn't so offensive and it makes you tan gradually so it won't look like you went to a salon and had the spray put on for sat in a tanning bed it's also more natural looking than a lot of self tanners

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Well, don't use a UV tanning bed!! Basically you're paying them to damage your skin. But, for the spray tan bed I haven't done that... It seems too pricey just to get a little colour ($15-$20/session). I personally have been using self tanner at home and it's been great! I use L'Oreal Sublime Bronze and I LOVE it!! San Tropez is also supposed to be good but $$. It depends on what you can afford I suppose... I

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L'Oreal Sublime Any Angle Spray-Tan! It works great! Streak-free, light to no scent and dries quickly! Works better then Mystic Tan for $40. I also like Neutrogena Spray works exceptionally well to but it has a distinct odor, so if using it prior to an event I would apply it in enough time that you can shower after its set in time.

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Bridge, before telling someone not to use a tanning bed, you need to think of the pros and cons. Some people need to tan because they cannot retain vitamin D. Lots of reasons they should and should not. too many opinions, not enough "real" research.

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Bellacandy, I found the MyMyst to be the best. It's a booth made by Mystic tan and it works fantastic. In 60 seconds you'll have a terrific tan without the mess or hassle. I hope that helps.

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I can't stress this enough TAN TOWELS!! Or L'Oreal Sublime Bronze towelettes. I've tried it all. I decided to stay away from tanning beds and I started using tan towels. They are the easiest thing I've ever used. And I will be using them religiously on a weekly basis.

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self tanning lotions that I have used and found to be great are Jergen's Natural Glow in medium for my skin; it really works great and is not too expensive. Mystic tans or spray tans at the salon are good, too. But I would never reccomend a tanning bed! So many women still do this and I can not state enough how dangerous these tanning beds are for skin. Sure, you will get a great color, but give it a few years and your skin will look old and withered before your time! It ages your skin plus the dangers of skin cancer! I have also used Loreal Sublime tanning lotion and towelettes, and they work great, too!
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