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How can you undye your hair?
on Aug 20, 2009 (Read 2543 times | Comments: 8)
Hi, I've have dye my hair black for a few years now. Does anyone knows about the healthiest way to undye your hair.?

on Aug 30, 2009 Quote  »     Reply  »

The healthiest way is to go to a professional and they can use a color stripper or corrector on it. If you dont have the money for a salon though you could go to a drugstore and do it yourself. Its not going to take your hair back to your natural color of course, after dying your hair black that just doesnt happen without a really good proffesional...but it will lighten it up and you'll be able to at least dye it a lighter color afterwards.

on Aug 31, 2009 Quote  »     Reply  »

I've heard from people to use laundry soap to wash your hair with and that will strip the color out. whether or not it works i have never tried it so I am not sure.

on Sep 01, 2009 Quote  »     Reply  »

The laundry soap doesn't work. I used to have black hair (and actually do again) they sell color remover right in the same aisle with the hair color. It's going to turn your hair orange so make sure to have your next box of color ready. When I did it , it left a black patch in my hair and I probably should have done that spot again but I didn't really care. I put the new color in and it all worked out, I chose medium brown for my next color, I don't think it would be possible to go from black to blonde immediately (not sure what color you were planning on)

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Thanks for your help.

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Thank you. Any little advice helps a lot.

on Nov 06, 2009 Quote  »     Reply  »

It is recommended to let black hair dye, especially if it is of the permanent variety, to grow out naturally because it is very hard to get out black dye completely. If you do feel you have to remove the black hair dye you will need to start by bleaching out the black hair pigments. This is a long, drawn out process and can have the effect of severely weakening your hair. The problem with using chemicals to remove hair dye is that they will stress the hairs, possibly leading to stretching, thinning or even breakage. Care has to be taken that the bleaching is done in a fashion that the black hair dye color is removed uniformly.In a severe case of over-dyeing, it will probably be best to go to a hair salon and have the dye professionally bleached. The hair will still be damaged, but at least they can add other products that could ease some of the stress.As each layer of color is bleached away you may notice your hair changing to various shades of red, orange and then finally, white. Onc

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...Once a light shade has been reached, you can add a hair color that is closer to your own natural color.Two products that are on the market at the moment that can be used for removing black hair dye are Color Fix by Jheri Redding and L?Oreal Color Zap.

on Nov 12, 2009 Quote  »     Reply  »

I agree with what tibbyshep said. It also depends on what color you are trying to go to, what your original natural hair color is, the condition of your hair now, the length of the hair, etc. It's always best in these cases to go to a salon and get someone that specializes in color correction. It's almost impossible to get the right results in this case at home. And even in the salon there maybe some tweeking and conditioning treatments needed to best preserve the hair and give you the desired result.