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  • lucas567 By  lucas567    

    I love this


  • kleenaechs By  kleenaechs    

    i received my bzzkit yesterday. Looks like the games may be random this time. I have read a few sites and each person is posting a different set of games. I have not yet had a chance to test it out, but I am very happy with the 3 games I received: 4 Degrees, Click and Gemz.


  • kimryan131 By  kimryan131    

    I got my Game Wave through BzzAgent last week. Since it was also school vacation week, my son and I had some time to play a couple of the games. I have to say that it was nice that Game Wave made a game system that the whole family can enjoy together. I have to admit that I cannot figure out all the controls, etc., with the new systems, i.e., Playstation, XBox, etc. so this was very nice.


  • Dalton By  Dalton    

    I am waiting for my Game Wave to come from BZZagent. Hopefully it will be here this next week. We are anxious to try it.


  • agaphmou By  agaphmou    

    Hmm, click sounds like my kind of game too.I think that will be the game I'll buy,but let me not get ahead of myself.I'll try my games first lol.


  • thebutlerdidit By  thebutlerdidit    

    I'd love to hear which games you get with your Game Wave, agaphmou!


  • testingmama By  testingmama    

    Thank you thebutlerdidit but I tried that. I actually tried a pile of sticky notes in front and it was still interfering.


  • hairs2u By  hairs2u    

    wish I tried it. I was offered it through Bzz Agent also. I passed it up. Bummer!