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  • MasterofMom MasterofMom

    My son loves eating these. I started giving him this yogurt when he was about a year old, and he has been eating yogurt ever since. This is a great brand, very healthy, very safe to eat. With all of the bad things popping up about GMO foods, hormones in milk, etc., you just can't be too careful with your children's health. These are a bit more expensive than other random kid's yogurts, but much better for them in the long (and short) run.

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  • mylesmom By  mylesmom    

    My 9 month old loves this product. We started giving this to him at the recommended age of 6 months and he just loves them. It's a really safe and gentle milk based product for babies and their sensitive tummys.


  • RFayette By  RFayette    

    My son loved these. I started giving them to him almost daily from 6 months. For a while it was pretty much all he would eat!


  • JHAngel25 By  JHAngel25    

    My son loves this yogurt! I personally wish the price point was better as it is quite expensive, but my son adores it and the flavors are unique, so we continue to buy it. I love the texture as it makes it much easier to feed my little one without worrying about yogurt flying all over the place while he is squirming.


  • ashleywsaiz By  ashleywsaiz    

    This is a great food for little ones before they hit 1. I still buy them for my one-and-a-half-year-old!


  • KARENMP31 By  KARENMP31    

    My toddler is picky about everything he eats and he loves these.


  • ishibishi By  ishibishi    

    My son loves these! They are the only brand around that carries whole milk yogurt and its good for your baby too! There are good flavors.


  • Meaghan_McElroy By  Meaghan_McElroy    

    My son likes yogurt but not this brand. However it is a very good yogurt to toddlers. The flavor is nice and the consistency is very good. They are also is great portions for little toddler tummies.


  • EAugustin By  EAugustin    

    As a mama of a preemie when my little girl started to eat more solid foods it was tricky because the textures of different food would make her gag. We tried the Yobaby yogurt and so far she loves it and gets one for breakfast and it's smooth and healthy for her. Very happy with it


  • Valcourt2012 By  Valcourt2012    

    My son loves these but don't buy them I bulk they sour quick


  • bigdraws71 By  bigdraws71    

    Awesome product my granddaughter has been enjoying this product for a long time I have some in the main fridge and the fridge in my room so she is a fan and I am a customer