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  • linkage7 By  linkage7    

    a good cooker worth trying


  • Mommytomey By  Mommytomey    

    Use this for many things, hot dogs work great in here. Steam all my veggies too.


  • NanaJane By  NanaJane    

    I have had this product for years and use it all the time! For rice, pasta and all kinds of vegetables, soups, sauces and gravy. Try steaming your fresh veggies together in this pan and keep the natural taste and all those nutrients. When cooking any meal and particularly the big holiday meals, it's great to be able to prepare a lot of the side dishes without having another pan competing for space or cooking times in the oven or on the stove top. And, it is really great for reheating leftover meats, dressing, gravy, vegetables, etc. without drying them out as they often do in the oven. I like it so much that I have given this cooker to several friends over the years. I do have to admit that I haven't used it to make a lava cake but thanks for the idea.


  • Alidave6 By  Alidave6    

    I've never used this product to make rice - but use it a LOT. We make lava cakes for dessert - 10 minutes and you're done! Definitely love this product!


  • acristescu By  acristescu    

    Easiest Rice Cooker you will ever use. Throw in your rice and water along with any seasonings you prefer and pop it in the microwave. The rice comes our perfect every time. I even cook brown rice in this thing. Best of all you can cook lava cakes with any box cake mix and half container of frostine. This thing is AMAZING!!