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  • Faithfulmoonflower By  Faithfulmoonflower    

    I first found this amazing yogurt in The Whole Foods store in Nashville. I LOVED was strawberry rhubarb, which was very cool to find ! I live in upstate New York, so never thought I would have the opportunity to enjoy this product again. Then , to my surprise, there it was ~in Wegman's and now Target carries it as well! I buy it in every flavor, every week. It is just so delicious! Do yourself a favor and try to find this very flavorful, perfectly textured product! There is simply no comparison!!!


  • blueeyes1 By  blueeyes1    

    I am a diabetic who loves yoghurt and who never developed a taste for artifical sweetners so I had to give up my beloved yoghurt due to too many carbs vs. protein. And greek yoghurt was never an option in my book. In short - my happy life of creamy snacks or lunches disappeared before my eyes. Until that is I discovered the sample lady at the grocery store one day offering up a new yoghurt. When she told me it was greek yoghurt I said no thank you knowing that I would not like this at all since I had never liked the sourness of greek yoghurt. But she persisted - gently nudging me toward trying a sample as she sat with a knowing smile upon her face. She agreed with me as she prepared it that greek yoghurt tasted awful - but that this one... this was different. This was something else! Boy was she right... one bite of smooth, creamy, rich and decadent, slightly sour/sweet (a mix between the two yoghurts), heavenly creation and I was hooked. It was love at first bite and I've never looked back! Every day I must get my fix of Mango Noosa - it's an obsession. Do yourself a favor... simply try one bite of Noosa - which ever flavor you'd like - and you too will become an Aussie convert! G'day and Ta for listening to my story!