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Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick

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on Nov 23, 2013   ::  Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Sticks have made my lips so soft. I don't bite them near as much and I love the different shades of colors. Awesome quality product!
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on Jun 18, 2013   ::  I LOVE this product, I tend to use these over lipstick. It's a very subtle color and has an lovely smell.
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on Apr 23, 2013   ::  This product is so extremely moisturizing, from the moment you put it on your lips. I love that it gives you a hint of color not and not a made up feeling. The smell is great. It isn?t waxy at all. I tried the ?Warm Caramel? and the ?Sweet Watermelon?, it comes in 8 colors. I'm definitely going to be purchasing new colors!! I use this instead of chapstick or lipstick/gloss daily. Only reason 4 stars of 5 is price, I feel its abit pricey.
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on Apr 08, 2013   ::  I recieved this product via bzzagent. It was wonderful. The smell is so yummy! I was using sweet watermelon. It was a soft smooth pink. The texture was light and smooth. Doesnt feel all thick. It was light and fluffly. Performed well throughout the day. It has to be reapplied though. But honestly just one smell of this would cheer you up. And with the improved look of your lips, it turns out to be a great pick me up for mid day dulldrum. Plenty of product in its contents. It produces more product with a quick twist of the bottom. Lovely product indeed.
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