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on Nov 10, 2014   ::  Naturcolor is the best home hair color I have ever used. It leaves my hair feeling great (soft and shiny with no dryness), covers my grays (which are right at my temple and very stubborn) and the color is amazing. There are no weird red or brassy undertones and I get compoiments on it which I have never received with any other box color. I used to use 3N (Coloa), but now I use 4N (Burdock) as I am getting a little older and want something less harsh ith my light skin.
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on Aug 16, 2009   ::  I usually use Naturtint haircolor which is a similar formula (no chems etc) but this one is 3/4$ less, so being in a miserly mood I snatched up LIGHT burdock and double checked the color to make sure that the color wasn't too dark. Low and behold I currently have almost black hair, here's hoping it fades quickly! I do however like the ingredients and that the price is less than my usual color, though still not cheap, so next time I'll try a lighter shade. Oh, one last thing that I did really like about the product is how much color they give you, I'm not sure if it was the consistency or what but this is the first home color kit that actually covered all of my long/thick hair and then some. pluss you can mix as much or little as you want and store the remaining unmixed color for up to 3 yrs!?!
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