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  • Jessloves3 Jessloves3

    These are delicious but are not as healthy as they claim on the label. Lots of sugar.

  • SFO2015 SFO2015

    Very tricky! Label / Name is misleading! Did you know Naked Juice is owned by Pepsi? Do you really think they would make something truly healthy? Also, notice they have dropped the "All Natural" off the label! Be warned of the ingredient "natural flavor". That can mean anything!

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  • Jnette23 By  Jnette23    

    love these drinks gave me the energy i needed instead of red bulls!


  • chelsmillard By  chelsmillard    

    These are amazing but contain a lot of sugar! Keep you full until your next meal!


  • kayk25 By  kayk25    

    All flavors taste great! The nutrients are on point. I just know that with the amount of sugar in one of these, the missing fiber from the fruit/vegetable would be handy or one must expend that energy by taking a walk or jog before the sugar sets to fat!


  • pureprophecy1 By  pureprophecy1    

    love these! I drink them in the morning for breakfast and they keep me full so that I am not wanting more until snack or lunch.


  • dhalley24 By  dhalley24    

    I liked it. It had good flavor and the wide variety of flavor to choose from is something to brag about. My children loved it, but it is not something I would get for myself all the time due to the super sweetness of it. I'm sure I will be buying it again for my kiddos.


  • acirennyl By  acirennyl    

    To be honest I usually only buy Naked Juice when I get a coupon or cash back on one of my many apps. It is not my favorite juice in the world but it is pretty good. It can be too sweet though which shouldn't surprise anyone considering the sugar content. Overall, it is something I do like.


  • monique13192 By  monique13192    

    i love the naked juices ! a healthier choice than most juices with an awesome taste!


  • xmarie411x By  xmarie411x    

    i do not like this at all too grainy and plain would not give this to anybody


  • altamontefamily By  altamontefamily    

    These are a bit pricey but a good source of protein if you're not into eating too much meat products. I've had to add water to some of them since they could be a bit too thick. Do watch the sugars in these if you're watching your glucose levels. The flavors are great, rich, and fresh-tasting. These have been great pick-me-upper's, especially while I was pregnant.


  • NavyWife07 By  NavyWife07    

    I love these drinks however there is why to much sugar in them.