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  • Jessloves3 Jessloves3

    These are delicious but are not as healthy as they claim on the label. Lots of sugar.

  • SFO2015 SFO2015

    Very tricky! Label / Name is misleading! Did you know Naked Juice is owned by Pepsi? Do you really think they would make something truly healthy? Also, notice they have dropped the "All Natural" off the label! Be warned of the ingredient "natural flavor". That can mean anything!

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  • kmsigler By  kmsigler    

    There are some flavors I like, but Naked Juice makes my stomach hurt if I drink too much of it at once. I can't even drink half a bottle in an hour or two without an upset stomach.


  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I've tried a couple of these because I heard they are really good for you. Unfortunately I just could not get over the bad taste


  • nessanu By  nessanu    

    I found them quite tasty, but also too sweet. I'm a sweet tooth and this was way too sweet for me. I know my friend enjoyed hers!


  • cupid77 By  cupid77    

    I used to buy these all the time. The "Kale Blazer" was my favorite and I felt great after drinking one. However, I think they have way too much sugar and wish they had a lighter version, or no sugar at all. I also read an article in the news that they are found to have toxic chemicals in them! I haven't bought one since and unless they change these things I won't be buying one anytime soon.


  • imstephtacular By  imstephtacular    

    I used to drink these a lot- they were a great on-the-go treat. But now I prefer to make my own smoothies at home with less sugar! These are yummy and good in a pinch, but not necessary as part of a healthy, regular diet. And the concentrated amount of some of the fruit/fruit juices creates terrible indigestion and makes me feel fuller and more bloated than a smoothie probably should


  • spika750 By  spika750    

    They taste great, but with way too much sugar. I can make better juices/smoothies at home.


  • Melanie_Christensen By  Melanie_Christensen    

    I loved the strawberry banana one untill I discovered that it has so much sugar in it.


  • farmerswife20 By  farmerswife20    

    Love the stuff! Great taste and great for you! You get so many vitamins in one serving!


  • awperez By  awperez    

    I love these the taste is so good. I've tried alot of them I drink it for my breakfast.


  • pickles51 By  pickles51    

    I feel in lovr with this awesome drink the moment i treid it.