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  • hallmarkjl By  hallmarkjl    

    Lipton is a great brand and my family has been using it for years. I was really excited when I found the Tea & Honey Iced Green Tea Mango Pineapple. I made a single packet and it was wonderful. Had a sweet taste and a you just add the packet to a thing of water. Great for on the go moms, children, college students or any other person. Very cost effective as well since you don't have to add extra sugar as you would some drinks.


  • naomicyoder By  naomicyoder    

    Delicious summer treat. I love their green tea and their fruity green tea is awesome!


  • AuttyW By  AuttyW    

    I was really excited for these when I first got them. I'm not a huge mango fan, but I was willing to try these. For myself personally, I feel like they had a really funky taste. You don't really taste the pineapple and there is a weird after taste. My Husband absolutely loves them though, so this is one of those products that definitely caters to personal taste


  • jenuits By  jenuits    

    I enjoy these on an occassional basis. They are a good upgrade to regular water and are not too sweet. There is a slight hint of the Lipton tea taste which is what I find the most appealing because I'm a tea drinker.


  • iplaksin By  iplaksin    

    I received few sample of this Lipton Tea & Honey, I did not like the fact it has artificial sweeteners in it.


  • pocketchange By  pocketchange    

    I was given a sample of this, I did not like it at all. I dont like products that have artificial sweetners in it.


  • draw90 By  draw90    

    QUICK! Great for college students or busy moms because It does not require sugar and is very cost effective.


  • PunkinLinda By  PunkinLinda    

    Tried it, but didn't really like the mango pineapple flavor. I do like Lipton green teas in other flavors though.


  • TheDogAteMyHomework By  TheDogAteMyHomework    

    I love the Lipton brand, but the taste of this particular tea was off. I didn't like the supposed honey flavor in it, it didn't intermingle with the mango and pineapple very well.


  • Evelyn101 By  Evelyn101    

    Lipton is a tea brand that has been with me since childhood. I got a chance to sample this and then purchased it as a result. This is low in calorie, dry, and so convenient to carry, store, and also easy to make. I actually like the flavor more as it intermingles with hot water. I feel that when cold, it mixes better when ice is added. It tends to be on the sweet side like a juice and not a predominant green tea flavor. I often run out of juices and if it is late, or there is no time to find a juice within my price choice, this is a good substitute. You have control over the taste, as to what strength is measured with liquid ( which can also be something else besides just water). It is sweetened with honey, made from real tea leaves, and fruit flavors. Mine was in small separated packets. Maybe a good experiment, would be to sprinkle some on your baking desserts. Certainly what they call a keeper, store it for later use, as the mango fruit may be hard to find in some areas.