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  • simbalala simbalala

    Kotex pad come a long way. U is so comfortable and has good absorbent. Love it.

  • ecobb83 ecobb83

    I've used Kotex brand products before and never had any issues, but recently I purchased this product and was very displeased to find the tampon falling apart inside of me. I didnt leave it in for an extended amount of time, just the usual couple of hours. As i went to pull it out i found it unraveled and a long strand about 6-8" in length that followed. I thought maybe it was just that one, which was bad, but I tried a few more and the same thing happened. This terrifies me bc I'm afraid there is some more of the product stuck inside me and I certainly dont want TSS. Have never experienced a problem like this before with any other tampons or even the Kotex brand. I wont be purchasing U by Kotex any longer.

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  • trish1983a By  trish1983a    

    Kotex U tampons will get the job done but sometimes they are uncomfortable. I do like the Clicks because it's easy to keep stored in your purse and the package is strong but yet easy to open, just wish they actual tampon was made as good as the applicator and packaging.


  • Savecrissy By  Savecrissy    

    I love these Tampons. They are fun, with the color and the packaging. They are compact and comfortable to wear. They have a nice grip for inserting. I recommend to every female. I have a heavy flow so I have to change often.


  • Aileen_Sin By  Aileen_Sin    

    I like this item, however, the only thing is that the applicator that the tampon is in a little strange since its so small. You have to make sure that it clicks in properly. The size is great and it gets the job done. Easy to put in your pocket if you don't like carrying a purse or it's just not comfortable to carry a purse that day.


  • momztheword By  momztheword    

    I did not care for these. Not the best, but not the worst, either. I mean, they do their job but it definitely leaves something to be desired in a good tampon. The absorbancy is not what it could be. Product has lots of room for improvements.


  • JessieF By  JessieF    

    So sleek and comfortable!! Love the plastic applicator very slim. Recommend to any first time users.


  • ktimer By  ktimer    

    I am generally not a fan of tampons - I feel like they are a necessary evil. But I loved this brand! I like the colorful packaging and they were softer so I am not annoyed by them.


  • Sarahkaye By  Sarahkaye    

    occasionally I will have leaks using the product only after 2 hours (without having a heavy flow).


  • JShields2432 By  JShields2432    

    Neutral rating, i received a free sample of a few and only tried one which did not have the best outcome after a few hours..


  • alyssahudson113 By  alyssahudson113    

    By far my favorite tampons. They're small so they're easy to travel with and I think I like them better because they're so colorful. They also last a good amount of time.


  • Amber_Lee By  Amber_Lee    

    Once I started using these I never used anything else. I never had a "problem" Works very well