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Hotslings AP Adjustable Baby Sling Carrier

   AP Adjustable Baby Slin…    
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on May 21, 2012   ::  Oh Hotslings how I love you!! Through many,many, differant brands of pouch sling,I've never really found one that seats a little one as safely and comfortably as this! Hotslings are cut perfectly so that the pouch is never too deep for the baby. They are always out enough for you to see them and make sure they are breathing well but still truely in there enough to not have a fall hazard. Great!! Also, hip carry, sooooo comfy!!
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on Nov 08, 2011   ::  I was very happy with these wraps/carriers, very comfy to wear, no digging or pulling, easy care just throw it in the washer, diff styles and designs, true to size! Cant really complain, this is something you can enjoy with your little one and then pass on to a friend!!!
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on Jul 07, 2010   ::  Great versatile small sling. Perfect for babywearing an infant all the way up to a toddler. This carrier is great for short trips and basic wearing around the house. I would not recommend it for all day wear with a toddler, something more heavy duty would be ideal for that. I wear mine daily. I use it while cooking, walking around the yard watching the kids play, the park, a short shopping trip, a school fair/function. I love that its very small. I keep one in my car and one in my diaper bag. The AP means adjustable pouch. Allows it to loosen up to accommodate a winter coat, or even right after baby weight while a few extra pounds still linger. It will last you for the long haul.
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