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Goody Ouchless Hairbrush

   Ouchless Hairbrush    
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on Sep 20, 2013   ::  I use the brush, sometimes. It works great.
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on Apr 29, 2013   ::  my daughter has thin hair and this brush just glides right thru her hair. having fine hair you wouldnt think it gets tangled but it does. she would whine with other brushes i used on her but she dont with this one
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on Mar 16, 2013   ::  I always buy the goody ouchless brush, it is not completely ouchless but I do love it, i tend to only have to brush my hair a few times a day.
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on Oct 27, 2011   ::  It is not completely "ouchless", but it is as close as they come. My hair tangles very easily. I can brush it out, sit perfectly still for 20 minutes and have to detangle it again. My daughters are the same way. Plus they are really tenderheaded so brushing their hair was always a crying mess. My mother bought these for us and we all love them, I went from having little girls who would rather be bald than brush their hair to having little girls with smooth shiny healthy hair they love. Thank you Goody and Grandma!!
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