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  • katfos katfos

    This sometimes works so much better then plastic wrap. It sticks to the bowls and will not fall in on itself. The only problem is that it does not stick to all surfaces and in those cases its pointless!

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  • JustCallMeJane By  JustCallMeJane    

    I don't know if I am just using it wrong or what but I have never been able to make this product work as advertised. It never clings to anything no matter how hard I press on it! SO FRUSTRATING!!


  • nemedvick By  nemedvick    

    Quick easy lid when I can't find the matching lid to a container.


  • jkmcutie By  jkmcutie    

    Very good product ! Quality is excellent and very consistent.


  • dmp515 By  dmp515    

    I love press n seal wrap. I think it is one of the best inventions out there and not only do I use it to cover leftovers or prepped food....I use it when I am painting! It works great for covering things like the toilet, sink or anything else it can cling to and lifts right off when you are done. I know.....I am sure they didn't design it for anything other than covering food......I like that it is a multipurpose wrap!!


  • jenulrigg By  jenulrigg    

    My husband uses this for everything! It sticks well to most surfaces. I even use it on melons that I have cut in half!


  • misshurley4 By  misshurley4    

    I prefer Glad Press & Seal over regular saran wrap any day! It sticks to tupperware better and it sticks to itself! A great way to keep snacks and foods fresh. Great product.


  • kmbb1986 By  kmbb1986    

    Very high quality product, I loved using them!


  • Mommyofthree By  Mommyofthree    

    This press and seal works great on bowls, and plates. It sticks really well the first time but if you are continually taking the wrap off and putting it back on it seems to lose its stick. The price is also very high.


  • Jackie978 By  Jackie978    

    Not great for sealing, I use it more as parchment paper now, I will stick to my saran wrap


  • MommyFavorites By  MommyFavorites    

    I've used this in the past. I just didn't find it more convenient than using cling wrap or tinfoil and it was a little more pricier so I haven't used it since.