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Farmland Dairies Skim Plus

   Skim Plus    
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on Oct 11, 2012   ::  It took me a while to give this a try-- I was thinking, what is skim plus anyway? Once we tried it I saw what made the difference. It is much thicker looking and richer tasting than regular skim milk. While I still prefer skim in my cereal (I kind of like the watery consistency, don't ask me why) the skim plus is much better for creamer in coffee or just drinking a big tall glass of milk with fewer calories.
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on Oct 11, 2012   ::  Always tastes creamy and delicious. So much heartier than plain skim milk.
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on Sep 20, 2011   ::  This is skim milk that doesn't taste like skim milk - it tastes like 1%. Really creamy - works well in coffee. I'm not sure what they do to make the milk taste so good and creamy but it works for me! Also takes longer to expire than regular milk.
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