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  • XjemmX XjemmX

    I have been using my DivaCup since 2007. I was never a fan of tampons, and pads were just never comfortable or gave the right level of protection. When I was a teenager I remember seeing an ad in Seventeen or one of those magazines for the Keeper, and I knew eventually I would try something like it because I loved the idea of something reusable. Thanks to the Internet years later I was reintroduced to the idea, and found a great deal online. I have not looked back, and never will. It only took a few days to get the complete hang of, and I feel like I know myself and my cycle much better because of it. Granted, on some of my heaviest days I have to empty my cup every hour or so (even with size 2) but it is so much easier than leaking with a pad or tampon after just 30 minutes or less like I experienced before. Strangely enough I swear that when it gets full, the small air bubble from insertion moves just enough to clue me in to go check, right before any leaking occurs. This of course is a sensation I learned after a few months of use, and I'm a pro now after 5 years! On light days I can empty it and rinse it in the morning at home, then do the same before I go to bed, with absolutely no worries all day long. I LOVE it. I feel much cleaner, never dried out or irritated (aside from the few times I put it in slightly low and crooked and poked myself with the stem. Many women trim the stem for this reason.) Currently I am investigating other brands which are all over the world, because I am looking for something a little softer and without the same stem. I know many women from the menstrual cup group on LJ who became cup addicts once a variety of cups were available, especially with the brands that have different colors and styles. I have recommended this and other cups to many women, and they all fall in love with it also after years of hating their periods. Give it a shot!

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  • ajsterz By  ajsterz    

    I started using DivaCup during college, and haven't looked back! I quickly realized how clean this product made me feel during my period. It also didn't dry me out out down there as much as a tampon did. I don't have any odors and don't have to worry if I have a tampon stashed anywhere when I am out and about as it can last up to 12 hours without needing to be dealt with. I recommend this product to friends and family all the time! I save by not having to buy a box of tampons every month or so, and know that the product I am putting into my body is safe. If you are on the fence about this product - take the leap and try it!!


  • Gabbin By  Gabbin    

    It's a bit confusing/challenging to use this product at first (but hey, we all took a while to learn to insert a tampon, too!). However, it's so much more cost effective than buying all the tampons and pads and creates far less waste. This also makes the male members of my family happy because it eliminates the issue of bathroom trash odors and unpleasant sights from feminine products. Plus there's the fact that you can safely sleep with it in- biggest bonus!


  • kkohlmier By  kkohlmier    

    AMAZING! Tampons are full of chemicals and make cramps worse and leak. Pads are gross and also leak. I tried the cup being very skeptical and I love it. Its super easy to use, you can not feel it, you stay clean and dry and it does not leak. The cup also lasts for 10 years so you save tons of money while keeping all those nasty chemicals out of your body.


  • Emilyburnette By  Emilyburnette    

    This changed my entire period life! You can wear it for 12 hours and barely feel it. I am in love with this and wish I had known earlier.


  • rosemaryoday By  rosemaryoday    

    Love Diva Cup! I will never go back to pads or tampons. Why use anything else? This is the best way to manage your period, period.


  • dreamash03 By  dreamash03    

    This is the absolute only method that I will use anymore. I've been using it for a couple years and have already converted a couple people to it. It's so stress-free that you forget that you are even using it- and luckily it's not a huge scare if you do forget for a few hours.


  • Lilone152 By  Lilone152    

    If I could give more than 5 stars I would! I LOVE this product so much. I feel like my life is better now that I use it. I know that sounds over dramatic... But, it is reusable, eco and budget friendly. Nothing nasty to absorb into you, or to chafe you. It is convenient, comfortable, and long wearing. Depending on the person, you can wear it up to 12 hours! I work a job where I don't get breaks, and stand for 12 hours. This is a life-saver. I simply cannot praise this enough, or imagine my cycle without it now. (As a side note, there are a ton of brands that make these cups, shop around!)


  • lizardyfriday By  lizardyfriday    

    This is probably one of my favorite things ever. I was a little squicked out when I first heard about menstrual cups, but these little things are life changing. They're easy to clean, save you tons of money in the long run, and once you get used to feeling around your vulva, they are very simple to use. Sadly, I lost mine earlier this year, but I found one at a local sports store and grabbed it immediately. This is a life saver, and if I were to recommend one thing for any woman to try, this (or any other menstrual cup that suits your fancy) is it.


  • channynn By  channynn    

    It's reusable, it's effective, and it's comfortable.There's simply no reason NOT to try it! Nothing for your body to absorb, clean and safe, no leaks, I'll never go back to anything else! I've had mine for years, and am a loyal customer.


  • Neon02 By  Neon02    

    I love my Diva Cup. It might seem intimidating at first, but give it a try. You wont regret it.