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DenTek Temparin One Step Tooth Repair

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on Jul 10, 2014   ::  This product was an absolute lifesaver to me years ago when I had a painful cavity and wasn't able to see my dentist over the weekend. I was in misery since I still had to work and didn't see how I was going to manage when all I wanted to do was curl up in bed. This got me through until I could get to the dentist and I've continued to recommend this product to friends and family.
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on Nov 13, 2009   ::  This product can truly feel like a life saver when you have a dental issue like a chipped tooth, lost filling, etc. It's not a long term solution, and I agree that it's important to try to see the dentist to avoid additional pain, infection, and costly repairs. That being said, I have relied on this more than once to hold me over for a week or two and have been very pleased with the durability and performance of this product. I just wish it also came in "off-white" so it didn't stand out so much compared to my other teeth!
on Oct 15, 2009   ::  When you can' get to the dentist it is a life saver. On the weekend seems to be the time when I lose a filling. Use only for a short period of time.
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on Oct 13, 2009   ::  whlle I totally understand how nice this is I can't help but wonder how bad it is at the same time.. One of the important reasons to see a dentist after you lose a filling or a cap is so that the unprotected tooth doesn't get a cavity or infection. My dentist is very big on getting me in to see him after damage to a tooth b/c the bacteria can build up and cause even more damage if left for too long. I can see this being nice for maybe a day or two but any longer and you may be increasing the problem and expense. better off just making time to see the dentist and take care of yourself!!
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on Oct 13, 2009   ::  Where was this stuff when my crown came off a year ago...LOL
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on Oct 12, 2009   ::  I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Bought me a lot of time to save up for dental care! Perfect to fill cavity holes, lost filling, hold crowns in place, etc.. till you can visit a dentist. Works great! You only have to replace every 10-14 days or as nec. Very easy to use! I prefer the maximum to the original. Original lasts only 3-7 days. Def a great option for people w/o dental ins. to save money to repair.
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