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  • Chare11 Chare11

    Powerful cleaning with a terrific scent and it leaves my hands so soft and smooth!

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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    I LOVE Dawn & Olay. For them to combine, they are absolute gold in my kitchen. Super soft and great at handling grease, couldn't ask for a better combo. The scents are amazing, too.


  • newhope14 By  newhope14    

    Leaves my hands feeling soft after doing the dishes.


  • julia123 By  julia123    

    Good dish soap!! It actually makes your hands feel softer and smells really good


  • TejasIndia By  TejasIndia    

    Love this product, smell very nice. Keep hands soft and dishes clean. Best part of this is it lasts long.


  • shaynakasdan By  shaynakasdan    

    I LOVE this soap! It really works and it leaves my hands feeling silky smooth. Plus the smell is always a bonus because I love the scents they offer.


  • allisonraia By  allisonraia    

    This has been the only dish detergent I have purchased for the past 4 years. I have always used dawn for my dishes, but the old soaps would dry my hands out. This not only has the power of dawn but smells great and leaves your hands smooth and soft. It is so strong, I let my toughest dishes soak in warm water with some dawn for about 5-10 minutes, and the burnt on mess wipes clean off. Great with cleaning grease and the toughest messes on pots and pans. I even use this product to wash my dogs - Dawn is great for helping keep the fleas away!


  • Kishme By  Kishme    

    Love Dawn, doesn't over dry hands, very nice scent, cleans very well.


  • Tatiyahna8315 By  Tatiyahna8315    

    I love this soap. It doesn't dry your hands out and leave you to the dishpan hands so to speak


  • jkmcutie By  jkmcutie    

    This is a pretty good hand soap! The only reason it didn't get a 5 star rating is because we really didn't notice a huge difference with the hands being softer or renwed. Other than that great product !


  • Ashie0685 By  Ashie0685    

    Really love this product! It makes my hands feel super soft after I finish the dishes. It isnt harsh on your skin like some dish soaps can be. It also ha e a really great scent