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  • Chare11 Chare11

    Powerful cleaning with a terrific scent and it leaves my hands so soft and smooth!

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  • KeraLee123 By  KeraLee123    

    I absolutely love this dish soap! I have to do all of our dishes by hand because we don't have a dishwasher in this house and it can dry my hands out fast. Dawn keeps my hands silky and smooth!


  • AndaD2 By  AndaD2    

    I am a loyal fan of this soap! It is the only thing that keeps my hands from being rough. It protects my skin from breaking from over dryness and it works very quickly. It also comes in wonderful scents and gets my dishes clean easily. I will never use another type of dish soap ever again!


  • archiepartyof3 By  archiepartyof3    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. Gets dishes clean without drying my skin out. I buy in bulk whenever I can.


  • gaelwelch By  gaelwelch    

    I have sensitive skin so I have always dreaded washing dishes until I found Dawn hand Renewal. Not only did it remove the caked on food but also left my hands soft and without the irritation many dish soaps caused. It's a great product for anyone who has sensitive or dry skin!!!


  • kschwobe By  kschwobe    

    First dish soap I've used that left my hands softer than when I started washing! Genius invention to make washing dishes just slightly better.


  • estoeklen By  estoeklen    

    Dawn is a wonderful product. It cleans great and doesn't dry my hands out. And there are many different smells to choose from. The price is very reasonable and I usually can find coupons that makes it even better.


  • lilmizzblazey By  lilmizzblazey    

    Dawn is such a great product and they just keep getting better and better with each new product they come out with these dish soaps have such a great smell plus they leave ur hands feeling smooth and soft yet they get the dishes sparkling clean


  • Melanie_Christensen By  Melanie_Christensen    

    I have 2 kids and am constantly doing dishes, this stuff saved my hands life! no more dry hands for this momma.


  • awperez By  awperez    

    Made my hands dry more than it helped. I don't think it cleaned my dishes as, well as original.


  • Ceders10 By  Ceders10    

    Love this soap. Moisturized my hands surprisingly and when I finished washing the dishes my hands were touchably soft and smooth. Would repurchase for sure!