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  • Coltonsmama2011 Coltonsmama2011

    Love these, great price and very sturdy. I also like how they come in bulk size!

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  • tracymizell4 By  tracymizell4    

    Would love to try these everyone in my family uses baby wipes for all different things and reasons


  • katieshuck By  katieshuck    

    I love these wipes! They come in both the standard wipe size package and in a travel size that is easy to stuff into my purse or in the center console of my car so I always have some on hand. My children are almost out of diapers, but these wipes have saved me numerous times - not only for diaper situations, but also cleaning up messes (both from kids and my own doing). I plan to keep these wipes on hand even after my children are out of diapers. They're great for cleaning sticky fingers and faces - although one of my children complains that it hurts when I use them on his face when his skin is dry (in wintertime primarily). These are also great for craft projects when kids get marker, paint, or ink on them.


  • Jazzyt92 By  Jazzyt92    

    I love these wipes, i used to buy them for my daughter often. They last for a long time


  • deb228 By  deb228    

    True to all the kirkland products I have tried I was pleased with the baby wipes. You can't beat the quantity and the price.


  • kaurit By  kaurit    

    I am always skeptical when it comes to store brand products. I was pleasantly surprised with these wipes though! Not only are they affordable, but the plastic dispenser top insures the wipes stay moist and is easy to use.


  • SuperMom21 By  SuperMom21    

    Love them. Very soft and strong. Very affordable


  • smiths13 By  smiths13    

    I used these wipes in the past and loved them. They are soft, strong, large enough and smell good, BUT i do not want so many chemicals on my i switched to WATER wipes. They are more expensive, but I LOVE THEM. Those are great for their faces and hands!


  • kellimanthey85 By  kellimanthey85    

    Love these wipes. I swear by them. The best part is that each package has a lid for individual pull out. The only time I don't buy these is if buggies wipes are on sale at Costco.


  • HappyMum By  HappyMum    

    I have heard only great things about these diapers and I plan on trying them out!


  • miyalion By  miyalion    

    My absolute favorite brand of wipes. I love the cloth like texture and how inexpensive they are for the amount that you purchase. I have never bought another brand since buying these for the first time.