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  • Clau2000 Clau2000

    I received the Optic White System compliments of influenster! I have been using the optic white toothpaste for almost a year now, again i got that a few months ago from influenster and i absolutely love this toothpaste. It leaves my teeth feeling super clean and fresh and always a bit whiter. Now i use it with the whitening pen and toothbrush and i have been able to see a difference, my teeth look whiter every week. I highly recommend these products!

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  • lindahusker By  lindahusker    

    I really like this, I like that it is a bit gritty, and I feel that it really cleans my teeth. I only use it once per day and a regular toothpaste the other time though, to save money and to not be too harsh on my teeth.


  • sharmamegha1209 By  sharmamegha1209    

    The tooth paste is decent. But i didn't notice any whitening effects from the tooth paste.


  • alawhon By  alawhon    

    I love this toothpaste! Ive been using it for about a week now and i can definetly see a difference with my teeth! I love how minty and strong it is!


  • 10Croberts By  10Croberts    

    The only toothpaste my husband will let us buy. He claims they alleviate his canker sores in his mouth. I'm not a believer but I do love the product!


  • vickiedien By  vickiedien    

    This product works! After a few days you can really start to see a difference. The only part I don't prefer is the taste of the hydrogen peroxide but I think that is what makes it work so well so I will deal with it.


  • Aevalh By  Aevalh    

    I can't use this on a regularly basis as I have sensitive teeth. I don't mind the taste. Since I can't use it every day can't really tell about the whitening part. Check out my U tube channel, ravercat4


  • Melanieelise By  Melanieelise    

    after just a week I did see a difference in the color of my teeth very white great product, friends and family noticed as well I got a lot of compliments on the appearance of my teeth it actually works!!


  • EricaX235 By  EricaX235    

    My husband is using this right now. after three day we can see a difference.


  • JustMissAsh By  JustMissAsh    

    Didn't really see a difference. Have used lots of whitening products and I found this the same as others. Packaging is eye catching and so is name. Usually love stuff by this brand and may continue use but it's not as effective at whitening as it states


  • rhemarich22 By  rhemarich22    

    It works okay. I really didn't see a dramatic change as far as the whiteness in my teeth. But, it makes my mouth feel very clean and refreshed.