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  • Pistachio Pistachio

    As someone that drinks a lot of Coca-Cola products, My Coke Rewards is a very nice site that rewards Coke members points for every beverage they drink. Of course, like any rewards program, My Coke Rewards requires some maintenance, and the points you input expire after some time (if they're left alone). However, if you are a devoted Coca-Cola fan (like me :), the points add up quickly, and you'll definitely find something you like in their rewards catalog. While it takes a lot (no, seriously - a LOT) of points to get the best prizes, the prizes are definitely worth it in the end. We got an entire set of pots and pans from MyCoke rewards. Seriously... How fabulous is that?

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  • Smith4190 By  Smith4190    

    I don't drink the bottles just the can. Rewards are for bottles only right?!


  • Anniesily By  Anniesily    

    love this


  • skyrobinson By  skyrobinson    

    I drink coke about three times a day. I'm obsessed with this refreshing drink. I love everything about it. I drink a big glass with ice every night before bed. I know it's a little much, but I'm addicted. I have a coke and a smile.


  • Miconet2d2 By  Miconet2d2    

    I love coke. It's my favorite soft drink. It's flavor it better than that other brand.Taste great on ice.


  • SARINI36 By  SARINI36    

    Coke is a classic and can be used in other ways than just drinking like making bbq sauce! My family loves their products and the rewards are great too!


  • rnewcomb By  rnewcomb    

    save codes and earn products.


  • SRoyce7 By  SRoyce7    

    If you drink Coca Cola products, this is something you should look into ASAP. You can get rewarded for entering the codes from the products you buy.


  • mlarana By  mlarana    

    I absolutely LOVE Coke rewards. I have been a member for years and have been able to get a lot of nice things by saving rewards. My favorite thing to get through coke rewards is more free coke! Coke rewards is a really nice site to play sweeps or save up for something cool. The only thing negative I can say about it is that you have a weekly max to points now. In the past, you could enter up to 120 points a day and now it's per week. That aspect kind of sucks because it takes SO long to save up now. Other than that, if you love coke products, this site is for you.


  • Bnan2013 By  Bnan2013    

    Love coca cola


  • aidensmomma By  aidensmomma    

    loce coka cola!