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Co-Parenting on Different Continents: Can Divorced Parents Make This Work?

Co-Parenting on Different Continents: Can Divorced Parents Make This Work?
By SheSpeaksTeam
on Sep 06, 2012 :: comments image 4 Comments
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As if co-parenting after divorce wasn’t hard enough, add an ocean between you and your ex and you’ve got an even more difficult situation on your hands. Co-parenting between two continents has been a very hot issue among actors like Halle Berry and Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford, while they both fight it out in heated court battles we are left to question whether it is the right decision to allow one parent to move a child to another country away from an ex-spouse.

Halle Berry has been making headlines over her wishes to move her and her daughter, Nahla, to France telling the courts that Nahla will have a better, paparazzi-free life there where there are more restrictions on taking photos of a celebrity’s child. Berry is also engaged to French actor, Olivier Martinez, who would of course join her and Nahla if they are able to make the move to France. The trouble is that Berry’s ex and Nahla’s dad, Gabriel Aubry, does not want his daughter to move out of the states and is now letting the courts decide in a very heated custody battle.

Kelly Rutherford is facing the same battle though on the other side of the table from Berry. People reports about how the Gossip Girl actress just got word from the courts that her two young children will stay in Monaco with their father Daniel Giersch and she will have to find the time in her schedule to make visits overseas while living in the states.

Giersch is currently unable to enter the U.S. due to a revoked visa and has kept the kids in Monaco while Rutherford has been fighting for sole custody of her children to live with her in the states. Incidentally, Giersch’s visa was revoked after Rutherford made claims that he was dealing drugs and weapons in South America, even if false the accusation is enough to revoke his visa.

What do you think of Halle Berry and Kelly Rutherford’s current custody battles?

Do you think co-parenting is possible when parents live so far apart?


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sherrybaby   ::  on Sep 06, 2012  

Being separated from your children whether you are a mom or a dad is heartbreaking. My best friend was forced to stay on the East coast after her divorce - although her family was in the mid-west, since her ex was on the east coast. He's a terrible dad and completely unhelpful but, forced her to stay without any family support. Unbelievable.

didama   ::  on Sep 06, 2012  

I completely agree with Sherrybaby. This is a tough situation all around. Not being able to hug and kiss your children is awful.

marcela123456789   ::  on Sep 07, 2012  

is so sad every child deserve a family .

lizag2012   ::  on Sep 08, 2012  

it is very hard for both parents. the child does deserve their mother and father in their life. divorce can lead to disaster in both the parents and the child or children. no one will be happy. it is difficult. i dont think co-parenting is possible when the parents live far apart because there will be a time where the child might want to be with either parent and the parent she/he wants is not there. it is very sad for the child. dont think the child dont want to be with both parents at the same time cause if it was up to him or her, she would. a child dont understand the problems of the parents, they just want to be with both of them no matter what. children love their parent no matter how bad the parents relationship is.

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