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  • dhalley24 By  dhalley24    

    OMG I LOVE THIS STUFF! I have yet to find a flavor that isn't super yummy! Just a warning these are not calorie counting friendly but they are nutritious and wonderful! I love the Chai Soy one!


  • roseflores101 By  roseflores101    

    Best natural fruit drink, only thing I could keep down while I was pregnant.


  • lnanthony By  lnanthony    

    We LOVE this product, a much better alternative to Naked. My son loves a glass with breakfast each morning, full of good stuff to keep him healthy. And tastes great too!


  • JilldeTrabajos By  JilldeTrabajos    

    I cannot say enough good things about Bolthouse Farms, especially this flavor. After finding out that Naked was lying about their ingredients (and was owned by PepsiCo, which automatically makes me suspicious!), I tried Bolthouse Farms and I'm glad I did. It's delicious, nutritious, and reasonably priced for what you're getting. I also trust the company quite a bit more. I've noticed the company has grown in the last few years--I'm finding them at more and more locations, which is very convenient!


  • alwaysinl0v3 By  alwaysinl0v3    

    I think these are cheaper than Odwalla and just as good. Love the Green because of the kiwi and apples.


  • tyramoore By  tyramoore    

    Nothing beats drinking something delicious and good for you! I recently found these when I start a 30 day green juice challenge. It quickly became a favorite for convenience and flavor.


  • emilycp26 By  emilycp26    

    Healthy but can go bad fast.


  • victoria8310 By  victoria8310    

    LOVE LOVE LOVE oh and LOVE. This drink is so great. It is delicious and with vitamins that is needed. Give it a try.


  • ohsooobored By  ohsooobored    

    If I only do one healthy thing a day its enjoying any of the bolthouse juices. Perfect product. Even got my 13 year old hooked!


  • FroggieSL By  FroggieSL    

    My husband and son love this particular flavor. Bolthouse is my favorite brand of healthy fruit juices. They kept trying to get me to try it (I usually buy berry...creature of habit) and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! They are sweet since they are fruit juices, but not too sweet.